Shark Snack Mix recipe with chocolate dorsal fins and shark teeth

We rarely watch TV other than a few animal science shows but I expect we will be spending a lot of time watching the Discovery Channel during Shark Week. My daughter enjoys learning about marine animals and sharks are especially intriguing to her. I’m preparing for the Shark Week fun with shark snack mix. It will be the perfect treat to share while learning about sharks.


Shark Snack Mix recipe


  • Chex cereal
  • blue sixlets candy
  • gummy lifesavers
  • chocolate shark dorsal fins and chocolate shark teeth (see instructions below)


First you need to make the chocolate shark dorsal fins and chocolate shark teeth.


How to make chocolate shark dorsal fins


  • white chocolate melting chips
  • black sparkle gel

1) Melt chips and mix with black gel. Then put chocolate in ziploc bag.

2) Cut corner off bag and squeeze chocolate into triangles on baking sheet lined with freezer paper.

3) Refrigerate.


How to make chocolate shark teeth


  • white chocolate bar

1) Cut white chocolate bar into small triangles.


Mix all ingredients together. 


Serve shark snack mix in bowls and go watch your favorite show during Shark Week!


As a SeaWorld guest kid blogger, my daughter has had some amazing learning opportunities. She has a great respect for sharks because of our experience learning about sharks & cleaner fish at SeaWorld San Diego and recently we spotted a Hammerhead shark while whale watching in Dana Point, CA with Dana Wharf. I’m looking forward to learning more about sharks during Shark Week while sharing shark snack mix with my family!

Be sure to make DIY Shark Week shirts for siblings this week too!


For more fun during Shark Week with your family, make a kids craft shark puppet!

Kids Craft Shark Puppet (2)

Will you be sharing shark snack mix with your family during Shark Week?