Kids Craft Shark Puppet

We have been following along watching Discovery’s Shark Week and kicked off the last day with a fun kids craft.  My daughter really enjoyed making the kids craft shark puppet.  The puppet will be joining us today while we learn more about sharks.

Kids Craft Shark Puppet (2)


  • construction paper
  • small paper plate
  • googly eyes
  • safety scissors
  • craft stick
  • glue stick 

Kids Craft Shark Puppet (3)

Begin by cutting the shark shape out of the construction paper.  This week we have learned about so many different sharks and my daughter was not picky about the type of shark puppet we were making.  I folded the paper in half and cut the shape so both sides would be equal.  If you’re crafting with older children allow them to get creative and cut out their own shark. 

Kids Craft Shark Puppet (5)

Next make the shark teeth and mouth with the paper plate.  First cut around the plate and then cut triangles for teeth.  

Kids Craft Shark Puppet (6)

My daughter was excited to cut the teeth by herself. This was a great opportunity for us to discuss what we had learned all week about sharks.  She remembered that different sharks have different shaped teeth.  She also was excited to share that not all the teeth are the same size.

Kids Craft Shark Puppet (4)

The final step is gluing the mouth, googly eyes, and craft stick to the puppet. 

Kids Craft Shark Puppet (8)

Fold the mouth in half and then glue the bottom portion to the puppet.  Glue the eyes above the mouth.  Then glue the craft stick to the back.

Kids Craft Shark Puppet (7)

Your new puppet is all ready to play and share shark facts!

Kids Craft Shark Puppet

Have some fun and add to the week with these DIY shark week shirts for siblings!


We are looking forward to learning more about sharks today with our new puppet!  Did you follow along with Shark Week too?

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