Disney Cruise Line shore excursion – Atlantis Sea Lion Interaction in Nassau, Bahamas

A few years ago our family went on our very first Disney Cruise. We are huge fans of Disney theme parks and although we had been on many different cruises, we knew the first time my daughter experienced the Disney Cruise Line would be magical. Already knowing Disneyland cast members add to the magic with kindness, we fully expected an amazing week. Princesses, our favorite characters, and a fun cruise itererary had us excited the entire year before the cruise set sail in January 2012. Read More... {Read More...}

Celebrating our extraordinary children

When I first learned my daughter was a girl while I was pregnant, I imagined pink bows, princess dresses, and dance recitals. I had no idea six years later I would be mommy to a pretty little girl with a great early interest in bugs and other insects. Now, at five years old, that early interest has evolved into a deep love of science and for all animals. She is compassionate and turns every encounter with an animal or bug into a learning opportunity. I am so honored to say my daughter is Read More... {Read More...}

California family fun: Dana Point whale watching

My family attended the Dana Point Festival of Whales 2014 in an effort to learn more about marine animals in their natural environment. My daughter is absolutely fascinated by the ocean and animals. She is so eager to learn and the festival was a great opportunity to teach her beyond our frequent visits to SeaWorld. She has seen and interacted with killer whales at SeaWorld San Diego but this was her first experience seeing whales in their natural environement. While visiting Read More... {Read More...}

Killer Whales at SeaWorld San Diego: a whale trainer’s first hand experience

I grew up visiting SeaWorld® San Diego with my family. Living in Arizona, far from the ocean, visiting SeaWorld was the only opportunities I had as a child to see and learn about marine animals. As a child I spent time learning about killer whales at SeaWorld so I was elated by the opportunity to spend time with a whale trainer and hear her firsthand experience working there.  My daughter looks forward to our frequent SeaWorld visits because she has developed a great interest Read More... {Read More...}

Preschool science moon craft

This week in my preschool classroom our learning theme is space. We are having so much fun learning about the solar system and making space projects together. A moon craft was perfect for a classroom preschool science project during space week. Preschool science moon craft tutorial Supplies: white paint all purpose flour black construction paper yellow crayon paintbrush small round containers or lids to make craters in surface of moon optional: grey paint (black and white Read More... {Read More...}

Disney frozen characters (how to make ice toys)

With so many Disney character toys at home there's always a new way to play. Sometimes my daughter plays with the characters in her doll house and other times they are an audience for story time. This week we added a new fun way to play with her favorite character figurines. We made Disney frozen character ice toys and played with them outside in a small plastic pool. My daughter had so much fun pretending the characters were part of a Disney on Ice show. Disney frozen characters ice toys Read More... {Read More...}

Learning about sharks and cleaner fish at SeaWorld San Diego

We have had many great visits full of learning opportunities at SeaWorld® San Diego. Recently we were invited to learn about conservation in a series of animal interactions. Learning about sharks and cleaner fish at SeaWorld San Diego was a great experience.  Sharks are one of the most fascinating creatures in the ocean. They can inhabit nearly all bodies of water and are adapted for a wide range of aquatic environments. Different types of sharks can live in shallow coastal waters, Read More... {Read More...}

Learning Workshops for Early Childhood Educators at the Arizona Science Center

We visit the Arizona Science Center frequently but I just recently learned about their free workshops for early childhood educators. The monthly workshop classes fill quickly because of the great learning opportunity for teachers and educators. The unique experiences provide the opportunity for educators to play with new materials and learn how to introduce them in the classroom. Discussions are centered around how children develop scientific thinking through engineering play and Read More... {Read More...}

Dana Point Festival of Whales 2014

My family attended the Dana Point Festival of Whales in Dana Point, California last weekend. My daughter is absolutely fascinated by marine animals and we have spent the last few years seeking out educational opportunities to teach her more about them. Learning about animal conservation and the amazing people that spend their lives working with animals was so much fun at the The Dana Point Festival of Whales. Our last visit to Dana Point was in 2005 and I can't believe we waited so many Read More... {Read More...}

Preschool Science – thunderstorm in a cup

This week my pre-k classroom was learning about the letter T.  We spent an entire morning learning about Thunderstorms.  We don't get to see rain or thunderstorms in Arizona too often outside of our monsoon season.  Our surprise rain Friday morning went perfectly with my lesson plan! Earlier in the week we read a book about thunderstorms.  Then we talked about thunderstorms, lightning, and rain.  One of our projects was making a picture of lightning.  We Read More... {Read More...}