Disney Cruise Line shore excursion – Atlantis Sea Lion Interaction in Nassau, Bahamas

A few years ago our family went on our very first Disney Cruise. We are huge fans of Disney theme parks and although we had been on many different cruises, we knew the first time my daughter experienced the Disney Cruise Line would be magical. Already knowing Disneyland cast members add to the magic with kindness, we fully expected an amazing week. Princesses, our favorite characters, and a fun cruise itererary had us excited the entire year before the cruise set sail in January 2012. The only thing that could make it more magical for my daughter was adding the Atlantis Sea Lion Interaction shore excursion in Nassau, Bahamas. She had barely turned three years old and just met the age requirement so we surprised her with the fun excursion.


As expected everything about the cruise was magical. My daughter fully enjoyed being at sea and spending time with her favorite princesses and characters. 


Several years later, when you ask my daughter if she had fun on our Disney Cruise vacation she will tell you all about a sea lion named Cassie. My daughter’s most favorite thing to do is feed the sea lions at SeaWorld San Diego. This year as the very first kid contributor to the SeaWorld blog, she has shared her ambitions to become a sea lion trainer when she grows up. She has always been so fascinated by sea lions and I’m so proud of her desire  to learn about sea lion conservation and care. The Atlantis sea lion excursion was a perfect activity for our family and contributed to my daughter’s deep love for sea lions.

The cruise ship docked in Nassau overnight and we were up early to go to Atlantis for our excursion. Our instructions advised us against wearing sunscreen and suggested wearing a swimsuit. We took a chartered bus to the Atlantis resort in Paradise Island and checked in for the excursion. We were escorted over to Dolphin Cay where the dolphins immediately caught my daughter’s attention. We learned about sea lion behavior from a guide, changed into our provided wetsuits, and went to meet Cassie the sea lion. We had a full interaction with the silly sea lion and her trainer. We swam with the sea lion, gave her treats, and even received sea lion kisses!


While the Disney cruise was an amazing vacation already, the addition of the Atlantis sea lion interaction made it unbelievable for my daughter. Several years later she is still absolutely intent on working with sea lions when she grows up and would love to see Cassie again.


What is your most favorite Disney Cruise Line memory?

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