Dine with Shamu SeaWorld San Diego, gourmet dining while learning about killer whales

With a love for animals and spending time at SeaWorld, our family recently enjoyed a gourmet meal while learning about killer whales at Dine with Shamu® in SeaWorld San Diego. The  experience was another great educational opportunity for my daughter to learn about the killer whales at SeaWorld San Diego. Dine with Shamu SeaWorld San Diego is an excellent way to observe killer whales and learn about how they interact.


With many different seating options, you can get as close to the killer whale pool as you prefer.


Already knowing to expect to experience gourmet dining at SeaWorld, I was looking forward to the buffet presented by Executive Chef Axel Dirolf. 


With so many meal choices and kid friendly options, our entire family was satisfied. The menu changes seasonally making each dining experience truly unique. All SeaWorld restaurants and dining experiences feature sustainable food helping to promote environmental responsibility. The Dine with Shamu SeaWorld San Diego menu items include sustainable, organic, and locally grown ingredients. The flavorful menu features seafood, salads, and even hand carved meat selections.


Chef Axel was sure to include favorite desserts in the buffet as well. You’ll find a selection full of SeaWorld’s signature Chocolate Covered Shamu Cookies, cakes, and other seasonal treats.


We sat directly next to the pool and had an extremely close encounter with the killer whales.


While dining, you have an excellent view of killer whales interacting with trainers and swimming in their pool.


My daughter has spent so much time observing whales, both at SeaWorld and during whale watching excursions in the ocean. She is amazed with each opportunity she has to be so close to the magnificent animals.


Dine with Shamu is available each day of the week with several different time options. It is an hour long experience and you can expect to potentially get wet if you’re seated directly next to  the pool. I suggest bringing a towel to be prepared if you end up getting splashed by the playful whales. Reservations are recommended in advance as some showings fill up quickly. You can also make same day reservations at the ticket booth or guest services inside the park depending on seating availability. Book your Dine with Shamu reservations online in advance to save on your ticket price.

While we already fully support the wonderful educational endeavors at SeaWorld, our experience learning about killer whales and hearing a whale trainer’s firsthand experience before our time spent at Dine with Shamu was truly inspiring.


Spending time with the whales and trainers at Dine with Shamu added to our amazing day learning about the whales.

To learn more about SeaWorld’s commitment to maintaining their position as a world leader in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, read the open letter from SeaWorld’s animal advocates. Read why I choose to support SeaWorld if you are interested in our frequent visits to the parks. 

If  you feel as passionately as I do that SeaWorld provides excellent care for all their animals, are leaders in animal conservation, and are providing abundant educational opportunities, please  join the SeaWorld Truth Team to learn how you can stand with SeaWorld.

Connect with SeaWorld San Diego on FacebookInstagram, and with Clyde the Sea Lion on Twitter to learn more about the park and special events. 

Disclosure: Our family received complimentary reservations to Dine with Shamu SeaWorld San Diego. All opinions are my own.

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