Celebrating our extraordinary children

When I first learned my daughter was a girl while I was pregnant, I imagined pink bows, princess dresses, and dance recitals. I had no idea six years later I would be mommy to a pretty little girl with a great early interest in bugs and other insects. Now, at five years old, that early interest has evolved into a deep love of science and for all animals. She is compassionate and turns every encounter with an animal or bug into a learning opportunity. I am so honored to say my daughter is extraordinary because she is proud of her unique interests. Along with other parents, and the help of Stanford Children’s Health and the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford, I’m standing up to make sure our kids know why they are extraordinary children.


While initially I wasn’t thrilled by the idea of my cute little girl loving bugs, I fully supported her interest to help her grow to be a confident child.


My daughter was only a couple of years old when she attended her first preschool. By three, I was working at the same school, and noticed she spent all of her outside time in the garden; most times alone. I was concerned but the more I paid attention with out interfering with her time playing I noticed she wasn’t playing alone.  She was playing with rolly polly bugs (pill bugs). Each day, multiple times on the playground, she would happily skip away from her friends and playground equipment to dig in the garden by herself. She talked about rolly polly bugs to her friends and teacher all day long. Wondering if my daughter had an early social disorder, I asked if her friends liked to play with bugs too. She responded, “No mommy, but that’s okay. We all like different things.” I overheard an older girl on the playground tell her bugs were gross. I couldn’t have been more proud when she explained to the friend that it’s okay if she didn’t like bugs because not everyone likes the same things. 


 My daughter reaching over the garden fence to play with rolly polly bugs, 2012

After several years of asking, I finally agreed to have a creepy crawly birthday party for my daughter last year. She was so excited and even more elated when the party entertainment, Jungle Jill, left two her two madagascar cockroach pets for a gift.

Creepy Crawly Birthday Party entertainment, Madagaskar hissing cockroaches

Instead of diverting my daughter’s interest in bugs, I embraced it. Although I’m still not a fan of creepy crawlies myself, I am so proud of my contribution to helping create extraordinary children. I created a special video to share with my daughter and tell her why I think she extraordinary. The special video for my daughter is part of the Stanford Children’s Health and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford commitment to providing extraordinary care for healthier happy lives.

Although we don’t live in California, we travel to California frequently. Stanford Children’s Health doctors can be reached within 10 miles of most homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Stanford Children’s Health is the largest Bay Area healthcare provider with an exclusive focus on children and expectant women. The hospital has been the top-ranked children’s hospital in Northern California for over a decade.

Your kid is extraordinary. Show them how much you enjoy every moment together by creating a special video of your own!

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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