DIY glitter animal wall art


With a new baby arriving soon, I've been working on her nursery and finishing up my last projects. Her pink and gold nursery is the perfect place for a DIY glitter animal wall art collage. I transformed frames I already had at home into glittery safari animal silhouettes. The nursery itself is very glam and these framed animals softened the room to make it a fun wall for a new baby. DIY glitter animal wall art tutorial  Supplies: frames for collage (any size and color) spray Read More... {Read More...}

How to decide if your child is ready for a pet

Is your child ready for a pet?

This post is brought to you by our Brie Brie Blooms contributor Kristen.   There are all kinds of pets and there are all kinds of kids, so it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact age at which a child is ready for the responsibility. There are, however, some important factors to consider that can help us make the best choices, and there is a process for considering whether to bring a pet into your household.  So your little one is asking for a pet. How to decide if Read More... {Read More...}

10 Tips to help introduce your baby to your pet


This post is brought to you by our Brie Brie Blooms contributor Kristen.   There is so much to think about when your family is expecting. Whether it's your first, or your eighth (oh, bless you), everyone in the household must make adjustments and compromises, but it's worth it to add another bundle of love. But what about the family pets? How can we make the smoothest, safest transition for your pets as you introduce a new tiny person into your family? This process may be more Read More... {Read More...}

Classic pregnancy comfort foods


Check out Classic Pregnancy Comfort Foods by Brie Brie Blooms at I've had a major sweet tooth this entire pregnancy but I've tried to satisfy it with healthy pregnancy smoothie recipes. For obvious reasons, it is not recommended to give in to every pregnancy food craving but sometimes your body is screaming at you for something specific and it's hard to ignore. While I was daydreaming about all my food cravings this week, I created a recipe collection of classic Read More... {Read More...}

Prenatal ultrasounds can detect congenital heart defects

February has been declared American Heart Month.

I was recently asked, "what's with all the ultrasounds? Is there something wrong your baby?" After giving it some thought and the question coinciding with February being American Heart Month, I'll share why I had five ultrasounds while pregnant with my first daughter and have had almost that many to date during this pregnancy. My husband and I both have congenital heart defects. His malformed aorta was diagnosed at infancy resulting in open heart surgery as a child. My atrial septal defect Read More... {Read More...}

Tips for the transition from only child to sibling

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 5.12.25 PM

So it happened. It took a full 32 weeks but it finally happened. My six year old daughter told me she knew I wouldn't have time for her when the new baby arrives and she wasn't going to need me anymore. Sure, that sounds like something a six year old might say to brag about her newfound maturity and ability to do more things on her own like tying her shoes before school, packing her backpack, and reading bedtime stories. But that's not what she meant. She has been talking to her kindergarten Read More... {Read More...}