Teach your child about vaccinations


When I noticed my daughter playing with her dolls and a doctor kit recently I wondered what she was doing. As I listened to her imaginative play, I overheard her telling the dolls they all needed their shots to go to kindergarten. My daughter is going to kindergarten in just a couple of weeks so back to school vaccinations have been a hot topic in our house. She knows about vaccinations and why she needs them to stay healthy but she doesn't know about all the children without access to a Read More... {Read More...}

It’s okay to take a break, social media influencers can go on vacation too


As a social media influencer, the work day never really ends. Growing your presence, consistently creating content, and fostering your online relationships takes time. Most often, more time than you can anticipate. With constantly changing goals and focuses on different platforms, it's easy to get overwhelmed and never walk away from your smart phone in fear of missing an important opportunity for engagement and growth. It's summer and that means my daughter is ready for some fun. I am extremely Read More... {Read More...}

Identity Theft – credit monitoring vs. protecting your identity


With an alarming number of cases of identity theft and credit cards being used fraudulently, credit monitoring services are growing in popularity. While I agree both identity theft and having your credit card being used fraudulently are both hardships, they are two different types of crime and should be treated that way. As a victim of identity theft, I learned very quickly the challenges of feeling secure. I gained back my sense of security with Lifelock but it took a lot of research and time Read More... {Read More...}

Celebrating our extraordinary children


When I first learned my daughter was a girl while I was pregnant, I imagined pink bows, princess dresses, and dance recitals. I had no idea six years later I would be mommy to a pretty little girl with a great early interest in bugs and other insects. Now, at five years old, that early interest has evolved into a deep love of science and for all animals. She is compassionate and turns every encounter with an animal or bug into a learning opportunity. I am so honored to say my daughter is Read More... {Read More...}

Teaching your children about cyber safety with the help of the CyberTribe


“I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of  Mom Central Consulting for BGCA. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating. As parents, we are experiencing the learning curve just as heavily as our children growing up in a digital world. The safety concerns we face today are not the same issues of concern our parents had. The internet simply was not as present in our childhood. While cyberbullying may be a new term in our vocabulary, it Read More... {Read More...}

Identity Theft Protection, how I gained back my sense of security with LifeLock


In 2012 there were 12.6 million victims of identity theft in the United States. I was one of them. Learning my identity had been stolen was just the beginning of many challenges I continue to face daily. Feeling completely lost and with out guidance, I felt violated and overwhelmed. Two years ago I was sure I would never feel safe after my identity had been stolen. Fortunately early in the process I began using a tool that would later help me gain back my sense of security. As part of a Read More... {Read More...}