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Trusting Connections Inspires Young Leaders

Growing up the most inspiring female role models I looked up to included my mom and grandmother along with a shortlist of other family members. I grew up in a small town and well before the internet was available in households beyond dial-up and the high school library. I wasn’t exposed to gender roles outside of my own family dynamic and through close friends. I’m very fortunate to have learned at a young age that women are strong and capable. We are leaders and can be anything we want to be. However, it wasn’t until I had my own daughters that I learned the impact of a small voice. We were recently invited to the Trusting Connections annual Girl Scout Cookie Buying Event and it was a breath of fresh air to see the platform two women entrepreneurs, Rosalind Prather and Caroline Wesnitzer, built to help inspire young girls in my local community to use their voices effectively. For five years the annual event has encouraged Girl Scouts of today to become the courageous leaders of tomorrow by championing their efforts to learn business, communication, decision-making and leadership skills. Each Girl Scout presents their “pitch” then selects a random card to determine how many boxes of their cookies Trusting Connections will purchase. We saw many brave young girls speak confidently and share why it was important to practice their leadership skills.

My oldest daughter is quite accomplished at just 11-years-old. For many years, she has shared her voice as the SeaWorld kid blogger and taught her young peers how to make a positive impact for animals and the oceans. We have watched her grow from a spunky toddler interested in bugs to a young girl changing the world. She has been competing as a youth rock climber for 4 years and loves the sport. The last two seasons she qualified to participate in nationals.

She attends a challenging charter school with a very demanding curriculum and to top all that off, she recently launched Cozmo Chameleon, her color changing pencil business.

While the Trusting Connections event was specifically for Girl Scouts equipped with cookies to sale, they enthusiastically listened as my daughter talked about her hand-painted pencil business. She happened to have a handful in her backpack that day and was ecstatic when Rosalind asked to buy 10. My mama heart was happy as I watched my daughter beam with pride as she thanked Trusting Connections for the purchase.

The Girl Scout Cookie Buying Event featured a variety of cookies displayed to encourage the young girls to deliver their best pitches for Caroline and Rosalind. 

The event also featured onsite nannies interacting with the girls and encouraging self-expression with several different hands-on activities.

The Girl Scouts delivered excellent pitches and were adorable as they opened the cards to see how many cookie boxes would be purchased in exchange for their bravery.

The annual Trusting Connections Girl Scout Cookie Buying Event is a great opportunity to share enthusiasm for your favorite cookie…

while supporting our future leaders to become everything they hope to be, and more.

Trusting Connections supports Girl Scouts and aspiring female entrepreneurs everywhere.

Do you know a young female leader?

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8 thoughts on “Trusting Connections Girl Scout Cookie Buying Event”

  1. This sounds like an amazing event. It is a wonderful thing to teach our daughters that there is great strength in a quiet but graceful voice. It can and does change the world.

  2. I adore the life lessons my Girl Scout is gaining from her experience in her troop. Sounds like such an amazing opportunity for your boss-in-training!

    • I remember being in Girl Scouts and all the fun we had together. My girls are not but we absolutely support the organization. Trusting Connections does such a great job of giving the girls that extra support during their busy cookie season!

  3. That sounds like such a fun event to go to. I wish my daughter had been able to go to Girl Scouts. But there wasn’t really a local troupe near us. and my daughter’s mom I’m not sure how interested she was in that anyway.


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