Little Green safe, gentle, and pure products for babies and kids {giveaway ends 4/11}


Growing up with sensitive skin I know how challenging it can be to find the right bath products. I am very light complected and just a touch turns me bright red. Luckily my daughter does not have that same sensitivity but we have been searching for a kid friendly moisturizing shampoo after the winter left her with a dry scalp. When Little Green reached out to me online, I was looking forward to trying the safe, gentle, and pure products formulated for sensitive skin. All the products Read More... {Read More...}

Ways to save on time and healthcare costs for teachers


Calling out sick from my classroom is the absolute last thing I ever want to do. There is too much going on in the classroom for the teacher to miss days and I would much rather take over the counter medication to make myself feel better than stay home and try to schedule an appointment with the doctor. With the Healthcare Clinic Phoenix it's easy for me to see a healthcare professional before I'm so sick that staying home during the week is necessary. Although most employers would Read More... {Read More...}

Flu Prevention Tips

Flu Prevention Tips

With flu cases increasing by 50% last week according to the Arizona Department of Health, I was happy to receive flu prevention tips from The Clorox Company. Working in a preschool classroom, I'm constantly worried about bringing germs home. Having my daughter in my classroom makes me extra concerned about the potential likelihood of us getting sick. Although you can't completely guarantee you and your family will not end up with the flu, taking precautions can reduce your chances. Dr. Keri Read More... {Read More...}