Teeth Whitening at Home for Sensitive Teeth

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Teeth Whitening at Home for Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are sometimes an indicator of problems requiring attention from a dentist. But for many others, having sensitive teeth is not the result of tooth erosion, gum recession or post dental treatment sensitivity. I fall into this category. I’m the girl that gets chills just thinking about biting into a popsicle or a cold apple. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have sensitive teeth and it’s simply a part of my everyday. While there are many things I don’t do because of it (hello in-office teeth whitening!), I do have a routine to help me enjoy a daily cup of coffee with a bright smile. Teeth whitening at home with Smile Brilliant has been a great way to stay away from painful teeth whitening experiences with the dentist and keep a nice bright smile.

A bright smile is easy to achieve with Smile Brilliant for teeth whitening at home with sensitive teeth.

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3 things you only understand if you have sensitive teeth

In-office teeth whitening

It is not a pleasant experience if you have sensitive teeth. Almost 10 years ago during a routine visit to the dentist, I inquired about teeth whitening. I was a new mom drinking daily cups of coffee and becoming mildly concerned this would impact the color of my teeth. I definitely was not a great candidate for the in-office bleach and light treatment due to my teeth sensitivity but with a discounted price and the option to have the treatment completed that same day, I decided to give it a try. The cheek retractor was inserted, bleach applied and a bright light turned on. The dental assistant advised she would come back to check on me periodically during my 45 minute treatment. She walked away and a short time later I felt my first “zinger.” WHAT IS THAT?! The intense pain in my teeth felt equivalent to what I would expect biting on a sharp metal object would feel. It lasted less than a minute and then stopped. Five minutes later it happened again. The dental assistant returned and explained this was completely normal and might continue throughout the process. IT DID and continued to happen for the next full day following my in-office teeth whitening procedure. Mid conversation I would feel an intense pain in my teeth causing me to cover my mouth until it stopped. Cringing in pain, the “zinger” went away as quickly as it came on unexpectedly. I loved my bright smile but absolutely not at the expense of this ridiculous self imposed painful experience.


My father-in-law had a hockey injury that ended up with two front teeth implants. With no feeling in his front teeth he can bite directly into a cold popsicle – a story my husband thinks is funny to tell because I truly get chills all over my body just thinking about this. The thought of biting into a popsicle with my front teeth is horrifying. The thought of biting into a popsicle with any teeth is awful to me. I’m the odd girl that sucks on popsicles because I can’t bear the thought of biting into it with my sensitive teeth.

Cold fruit

I love fruit but only after it’s been out of the refrigerator for an hour to warm up to room temperature. Even chocolate covered strawberries will get a big, “no thank you,” if they are served directly from the refrigerator. Apples, oranges and even peaches make me cringe if they are cold but hand me a warm fruit and I’m happy to indulge.

Teeth sensitivity makes eating cold fruit something to avoid.

Teeth Whitening at Home

With daily coffee happening for the past 10ish years it was time for me to look into teeth whitening again. But this time I definitely was not interested in finding my way back to the “zingers” so instead I turned to Smile Brilliant, the professional teeth whitening at home experience where you have full control over the application time. Your in home kit includes everything you need to easily make your impressions to send back to the Smile Brilliant lab along with an addressed padded envelope for mailing. Simply mix the catalyst and base, press into the blue tray, gently bite into the tray and wait 3 minutes. The next day you mail your trays to the lab and wait for an email advising your trays have been received. You’ll receive another email when your permanent trays have been shipped with tracking information.

The Smile Brilliant teeth whitening at home kit comes with everything you need to send your impressions back to the lab.

Using the teeth whitening system at home is easy. Brush teeth with water, fill bottom of your trays with teeth whitening gel and use as tolerated. The suggested time is 45 minutes to 3 hours but with sensitive teeth, it’s recommended you begin with just 20 minute sessions daily followed by using the included desensitizing gel.

The Smile Brilliant desensitizing gel helps with sensitive teeth for whitening at home.

My sensitive teeth appreciated the desensitizing gel and although my experience overall took longer than someone without teeth sensitivity, it was pleasant without the “zingers” I felt the last time I wanted a brighter smile.

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My before and after made me feel like I definitely made the right decision using Smile Brilliant and will continue using the at home teeth whitening for an even brighter smile.

The Smile Brilliant teeth whitening at home kit makes a quick visible difference.

Check out this Smile Brilliant FAQ and connect with Smile Brilliant on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Pinterest to learn more about professional teeth whitening at home.

Teeth whitening at home for sensitive teeth is easy with Smile Brilliant.

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  1. Been thinking about getting a whitening product so I read this with interest. Like how it works with sensitive teeth since I now experience this myself

  2. This will really interest me if it’s effective and tried and tested by many people. We won’t have to go through a laser-whitening operation by dentists anymore if that’s the case.


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