Fall Essentials to Prep for the Holidays 

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Fall Essentials to Prep for the Holidays 

Fall is my most favorite season in Arizona because we finally have weather to enjoy being outside. It’s also when all the holiday events kick off and provide our family with endless opportunities for weekend fun. Our schedule is packed during the week with work, school drop off and pickup, after-school activities, sports practices, errands, and all the unexpected kid things that inevitably arise. With big plans for fall season weekend fun, health and wellness are a top priority. This season, we have our fall essentials for the holidays ready and stocked with all the over-the-counter essentials to keep us going through the most fun season full of family activities. This week, we refreshed our home with Aleve®, Alka-Seltzer Plus®, Claritin®, and MiraLAX®. I also snagged some One A Day® Vitamins for nutritional support.  You can find all of these on Amazon to make stocking up even easier.
Living in Phoenix, we don’t get the same version of fall I see in my friends’ social posts where all the leaves are changing and there’s a sweet crispness to the air. However, if we drive just a couple of hours to Northern Arizona, we are treated to all the colors and temperature drops—perfect for sweaters, warm apple cider, and playing in leaf piles with our daughters.
A few weeks ago we drove to Flagstaff to watch our oldest daughter compete for rock climbing. Her competition schedule has us driving all over the state during the fall season, and we take full advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the fall vibes every time we are a few hours away from home. Our youngest daughter is four years old and was amazed by the fall colored leaves. She’s just learning about seasons in preschool, and the visual was a great reinforcement that fall actually brings changes to Arizona too.
She collected beautiful fall leaves and plans to keep them forever. We plan to press and save them for laminated bookmarks later this month so she really can hold on to the cherished validation of Arizona fall.
Prepared for all the fun this season brings, we stocked our home full of essentials to keep us feeling our best.


For pain management from all the activities outside of our normal routine, Aleve provides temporary relief from minor back and muscle aches, which I’m sure we can all agree are apparent this time of year.

Alka-Seltzer Plus®

Cold and cough symptoms are never welcomed in the middle of a packed schedule in your most favorite season. We are prepared with Alka-Seltzer Plus because it lets you skip through your cold and cough symptoms, including nasal/sinus congestion.


Being outside to soak up all the holiday goodness also means we may be exposed to more allergens than normal. Thankfully, Claritin is non-drowsy and provides relief from common allergy symptoms like sneezing, running nose or itchy, watery eyes which can be caused by 200+ different airborne allergens.


We’ve used MiraLAX in our home for many years to relieve constipation and appreciate that it’s a sugar-free, single dose to get you back to regular. MiraLAX helps unblock your system gently using the natural power of water without causing harsh side effects.

One A Day® Women’s VitaCraves

These gummies are an excellent way to ensure you are getting nutritional support with all of the key nutrients you may need daily.

They come from the #1 Multivitamin Brand Uniquely designed for Women and help support healthy hair, smooth skin, and strong nails.

With just a few easy additions to our home, we are ready for a great holiday season. Be sure to use only as directed!

Does your activity routine change in the fall, too?

Our fall medicine cabinet has us ready for a busy holiday season. This week, we refreshed our medicine cabinet with Aleve®, Alka-Seltzer Plus®, Claritin®, MiraLAX®, and One A Day® Vitamins from Amazon.


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