Unattended Candy Bowl on your Porch for Halloween

My husband and I both enjoy taking our daughter around the neighborhood to trick or treat. We live in a great community full of families and children that also love trick or treating on Halloween. Last year we joined all of our neighbors and left a big unattended candy bowl on our porch while we were out trick or treating.  I used my daughter’s chalkboard easel to make a fun sign to set out next to the candy. 

Sign for Halloween Candy on your Porch (2)

I remember growing up my brothers and I were always excited when neighbors gave more than just one piece of candy.  I was sure the first group of children that discovered our unattended candy bowl would dump it all in their bags and run.  I was pleasantly surprised when I came home to discover we still had leftover candy to hand out for the rest of the night.

Sign for Halloween Candy on your Porch

Do you leave a bowl of unattended candy on your porch while you are out trick or treating on Halloween?

3 thoughts on “Unattended Candy Bowl on your Porch for Halloween”

  1. This is super cute! The one time I left a HUGE bowl out unattended, it was completely gone in 20 minutes when I went back to check. Now I just leave a sign that says “we’re out trick-or-treating. Come back soon for treats.” Maybe with something as cute as what you did, kids would feel too guilty to take more than their share!


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