A Family Day at SeaWorld® San Diego

My family has been to SeaWorld® San Diego many times and I always look forward to planning our next visit because each time is a unique experience.  We recently spent a few hours feeding the sea lions at SeaWorld and had a fun family day enjoying the rides, shows, and attractions.

Sea World San Diego, dolphins

My daughter insisted on visiting the sea lions before we saw any other attractions. The Pacific Point exhibit is always our first stop when we go to the park.  She loves watching the sea lions and feeding them fish.  

Sea World San Diego, sea lions

Next we moved on to the Shark Encounter.  The underwater tunnel gives you an amazing up close experience with the sharks.  If you look closely you might spot shark teeth along the bottom of the tank.    

Sea World San Diego, shark encounter tunnel

With so many great shows offered through out the entire day, you can easily fit different shows into your visit.  We watched the Blue Horizons show and were amazed by the birds, dolphins, and whales.  The 23 minute show follows the journey of a young girl chasing her dreams.  The animals and acrobats combined are an incredible sight to see.  

Sea World San Diego, Blue Horizons

After the show we stopped for my daughter to get her face painted.  She was so excited to pick out her own design and wanted to stop by every bathroom to look in the mirror. 

Sea World San Diego, face painting

We normally go on the  non moving Wild Arctic Ride but this visit was special because my daughter had reached the 42″ height requirement for the moving flight simulator.  We enjoyed the helicopter ride through the Arctic circle where we observed nature from above. Following the ride we walked through the attraction to see beluga whales, a walrus, and the polar bear.  The exhibit features an ice wall and the chance to walk through a cold polar bear cave.  The cave has bear tracks and plays a recording of a roaring polar bear.   My daughter enjoyed watching guests interact with the beluga whales.  She asked if during our next visit we could make arrangements to participate in the Beluga Interactions program

Sea World San Diego, Wild Arctic

The Penguin Encounter is always another family favorite when we visit.  This year the attraction is celebrating its 30th anniversary. 

Sea World San Diego, penguins photo booth

As we approached the attraction we spotted a keeper cuddling with a penguin.  We enjoyed seeing the interaction before we went on to see the penguins in their cold environment. 

Sea World San Diego, penguin keeper

We went inside and spent some time watching the playful penguins.  

Sea World San Diego, penguins

We finally made our way over to the Sesame Street Bay of Play.  The bay area is full of shows, games, and rides to keep you busy for hours.  It’s a great place to climb, jump, run, and play! There’s something for every age and my daughter has been loving Abby’s Sea Star Spin for several years.

Sea World San Diego, Bay of Play

If you’re not up to spinning on the rides, you might want to try your luck at one of the many games. I’ve seen guests walk away with big prizes!

Sea World San Diego, carnival games

My daughter has reached the 42″ requirement to ride the Journey to Atlantis and we were all so excited for the thrilling roller coaster.  The ride is an adventure to another world that ends with an amazing encounter with sea life.  The 60 foot drop with a big splash is perfect to cool you off on a warm day!

Sea World San Diego, Atlantis

Just before another visit to the sea lions, we experienced Shamu’s Underwater Viewing and were able to see the killer whales gracefully gliding through the water.

Sea World San Diego, shamu

Our day at SeaWorld San Diego would not have been complete with out adding a pressed penny to our collection.  My daughter insisted on returning to the Wild Arctic for a penny with a picture of the polar bear. 

Sea World San Diego, pressed penny

If you’re planning a visit to SeaWorld San Diego, you can purchase tickets directly from your smartphone.

Sea World San Diego, buy tickets with your smartphone

Connect with SeaWorld San Diego on Facebook and Twitter to see park updates and learn about special events.

We are already planning our next visit to the park.  When will you be visiting SeaWorld San Diego?

Disclosure: Our family received complimentary tickets to SeaWorld for this visit but have been to the park many times before.  All opinions are my own.

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