Campfire Snack for Fire Safety Week

This week in my preschool classroom we are learning about fire safety and prevention. Today we made a fun campfire snack using pretzels and licorice. 

Fire Safety Week Snack (5)


Fire Safety Week Snack (2)

 Arrange nibblers in a circle to represent a safe fire pit. 

Fire Safety Week Snack (3)

 Then break up mini pretzels to look like twigs, sticks, and large pieces of wood. 

Fire Safety Week Snack (4)

 Add licorice for fire.

Fire Safety Week Snack

While we were making the snack we discussed fire safety and the importance of never leaving a campfire unattended.

My daughter really enjoyed making this classroom snack! 

Fire Safety Week Snack in classroom

Did you do anything special in your classroom for Fire Safety Week? 

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  1. This is so cute! I am a speech/language pathologist in a preschool setting. I love making snacks related to the different themes in the classroom. This is cheap, simple and fun! Thanks!


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