Twisted Sister Dee Snider Kids Costume Instructions

Twisted Sister Dee Snider Kids Costume

The title of this post alone might be cause for concern. Let me explain why I not only allowed it, but also made the costume, when our oldest daughter asked if she could be Dee Snider for Halloween three years ago. My sweet little girl was only seven years old and asking to be the lead singer of an 80’s heavy metal band. She had been listening to Twisted Sister with her dad for years and was incredibly excited about her idea to dress us like Dee Snider for her school Halloween party. We explained other children likely would not recognize her costume, she said that made it an even better choice. She has always been the kid happily playing on her own if the alternative was following a group to do something she didn’t like. She did not wear her Dee Snider costume to school but rocked the heck out of it trick or treating in our neighborhood later that week.

Make these easy DIY Twisted Sister Dee Snider kids costume with items already in your closet!

A Senate hearing in 1985 was instigated by the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC), who wanted to introduce a parental warning system that would label all albums containing offensive material. Dee Snider with other heavy metal artists testified against censorship and the proposed warning system. The label system never happened but as a result, we now see the “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content” label on music albums. 

We’re all inspired by different music genres. We have always spread the message of embracing each child’s interests and fostering their love for learning regardless of what it is they happen to be laser-focused on for the year. Our daughter went through years of loving bugs and insects. Instead of rejecting her interest, we were enthusiastic about her desire to have pet Madagascar Cockroaches. Certainly not the pet of choice for many but definitely a learning opportunity for our daughter. She has gone on to have a deep love for all animals extending what she has learned to teaching about ocean conservation. Foster what your kids love and they’ll be more willing to share their experiences with you instead of hiding them from you. So if our cute seven-year-old daughter wanted to trick or treat as Dee Snider, we’re all for it. You do you, and we’ll do us. Hopefully we can share some smiles along the way.

Dee Snider's iconic red and black concert outfit was inspiration for our DIY Twisted Sister Dee Snider kid costume.

Twisted Sister Dee Snider Costume Instructions


  • red leggings 
  • black leggings
  • loose-fitting red t-shirt 
  • loose-fitting black t-shirt
  • white chalk
  • scissors
  • long blonde curly wig
  • black permanent marker
  • costume makeup: red, white and blue cream, black eyeliner, red lipstick

Red leggings will not be altered. 

Distress black leggings

Turn black leggings inside out and draw random horizontal lines on each leg of the leggings. Do not cross the seams with your chalk lines. Use scissors to carefully cut across the lines. Turn right side out and wear layered over red leggings.

Alter neckline of black shirt

Use a strip of cut fabric from the black leggings to create a laced up effect on the neckline of the black t-shirt. Cut a vertical line down about six inches on the middle of the front of the shirt. Cut two holes on each side of the line and use a fabric piece from the leggings to lace up the shirt. Tie off with a knot and trim the ends.

Alter red shirt

Shorten the length of the red t-shirt at the torso by cutting off the bottom half of the shirt. Cut the neckline to a deep V shape. Fray the bottom of the shirt by cutting the fabric into strips. Add some distressing to the shirt by cutting horizontal lines similar to how you altered the black leggings. Fray the sleeves by cutting into strips all the way until the seam on the shirt shoulders. Wear layered over black shirt.


Make gloves by loosely tying larger pieces of black fabric from the distressed leggings around your child’s hands. Then tie on red thin strips of red fabric.


Use a permanent marker to color a 2″ black part down the middle of the blonde curly wig.


Apply eyeshadow: white cream on eyelids then blue up to the eyebrows. Use red cream to draw rectangular shapes on cheeks. Outline eye with thick black eyeliner. We also outlined my daughter’s eyebrows with the black eyeliner. Apply bright red lipstick.

This DIY Twisted Sister Dee Snider kids costume is awesome!

Her dad had the best night strolling through the neighborhood to trick or treat alongside his Dee Snider sidekick. Little sister dressed up in a DIY Flamingo costume

Trick or treating as Twisted Sister's Dee Snider was so much fun for my daughter!

Her love for Twisted Sister and Dee Snider was not just a phase, she’s still a huge fan and maybe she’ll be trick-or-treating with her four-year-old little sister heavy metal bandmate this year. 

What’s the most surprising costume you’ve made for your children to wear on Halloween?

Learn more about what Dee Snider is currently up to by connecting with him on Facebook. He recently announced his appearance with Twisted Sister bandmates at Spooky Empire in a couple of weeks. Attending would be an incredible bucket list item to check off big sister’s list!

Make this easy Twisted Sister Dee Snider kids costume when your kid wants to dress up like an 80's heavy metal icon!

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  1. If my seven year old son was to dress up as one of my favorite musical stars, I guess it would probably be either Merle Haggard or Cat Stevens. Happy Halloween everybody!

  2. I am so happy my 3 year old is not the only girl OBSESSED with Twisted Sister/Dee!!! I will be doing this for her Halloween costume.. her Grandad already has the wig thanks for the awesome post!


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