Easy DIY Flamingo Costume

Easy DIY Flamingo Costume

Every year our oldest daughter makes an animal inspired costume and my favorite so far has been her easy DIY flamingo costume. She made this costume with just a little help from me a couple of years ago to wear to the Halloween Spooktacular at SeaWorld San Diego. The costume tutorial was originally shared on the SeaWorld San Diego blog written from my daughter’s perspective at just seven years old. You can easily make this costume with a pink feather boa and supplies you probably already have at home. 

Make this easy DIY Flamingo costume with a hoodie and pink feather boa.

Flamingo Costume Instructions


  • yellow foam
  • white and black felt
  • pink feather boa
  • pink hoodie or zipper jacket with a hood
  • scissors
  • fabric glue or glue gun
  • pink leggings or pants and pink shirt to wear with costume

Make an easy DIY flamingo costume with these supplies.

Cut sleeves off of hoodie to turn it into a vest. Then cut felt pieces to embellish the hood of the costume. The beak is made with a long triangular shape of yellow foam with black felt glued to the end. Make eyes with a large white felt oval cut in half then add pupils with large black felt circles. Glue the eyes and beak to the top of the hood.

Cut a foam beak and felt eyes for your easy DIY flamingo costume.

Use fabric glue or hot glue gun to attach feather boa to entire vest. The boa can be glue in different directions to cover the entire vest but be sure not to glue across the zipper. The hood of the costume should only be covered with a line of feather down the back.

Glue a feather boa to a pink hoodie to make an easy DIY flamingo costume.

Wear the costume with pink leggings or pants and pink shirt. Our daughter wore pink shorts and striped pink and white tall socks over her shoes. She is the SeaWorld kid blogger and frequently shares her in park and educational experiences to help inspire her peers to learn easy ways to contribute positively to taking care of animals and our world. She especially enjoys getting to share her creativity in her annual Halloween costume posts and trick or treating at the Halloween Spooktacular.

This easy DIY flamingo costume was so much fun to wear to the SeaWorld Halloween Spooktacular.

Our daughter has a long list of animal inspired costumes she has made and is helping children get excited to learn about animals while making their own costumes too.

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What’s your favorite DIY animal inspired costume?

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  1. I need to commend you for being so creative. If I will only look at the costume, it seems too hard to do but as you show the process, it seems manageable. But still I commend you for the good job.


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