The Neon Run 2013 {Arizona}

Last weekend I participated in The Neon Run, a 5K that sprays you in glowing paint all through the race.  It was a fun event where I was able to meet new friends, see old friends, and spend time with my brother who was home visiting from the ARMY.

Brie Brie Blooms, The Neon Run 2013 #theneonrun (5)

me and Jessa from Life of a Sports Wife

Although my husband and daughter were not running the race with me, they had fun wearing glow stick jewelry when they dropped me off at the start point.

Brie Brie Blooms, The Neon Run 2013 #theneonrun

me, my husband, and my daughter sitting on my husband’s shoulders

I had so much fun meeting Jessa from Life of a Sports Wife for the first time in person at the run.  We were excited when we lined up at the start line.

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What a blast!

Brie Brie Blooms, The Neon Run 2013 #theneonrun (2)Sara from Mom Endeavors and Sara from Clever Pink Pirate were at the race also but we weren’t able to find each other until we all had finished.  

Brie Brie Blooms, The Neon Run 2013 #theneonrun (3)me, Sara, and Sara

My brother is in the ARMY and was home visiting for a couple of weeks.  He also went to the race and had so much fun with his girlfriend.  They ran the race much quicker than Jessa and I.  I was really excited when I finally found them after we were done.

Brie Brie Blooms, The Neon Run 2013 #theneonrun (4)

me, my brother home visiting from the ARMY, and his girlfriend

We had a fun night and hopefully next year my daughter will be old enough to enjoy the fun too!

You can connect with The Neon Run on Twitter and Facebook.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary race bib but all opinions are my own.

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