My Easy Bathroom Art Makeover

I recently made some changes in our master bathroom.  For the past 10 years we have had red towels and I was ready to see a new color.  I don’t have a budget for a full makeover but I knew something different hanging on the wall would be the first step.

Brie Brie Blooms, Bathroom Art Makeover (3)Last year I brought home a damaged frame from a thrift store.  It had no glass and the framed art print was scratched in several spots.  

Brie Brie Blooms, Bathroom Art Makeover (4)I started the transformation by painting the frame and print with gold spray paint. 


Picture taken after first coat of spray paint

The paint dried outside for a few hours and then I brought the frame inside to complete the makeover.  I had a small roll of wall paper that had never been used in my home.  I’m not even sure where it came from but I always knew I would use it for something.  I cut out the flowers from the paper and glued them on the plain gold background in the frame.  I continued gluing flowers until the bottom portion was covered.  I used the back of a pen to dot turquoise paint around the edges of the flowers.

Brie Brie Blooms, Bathroom Art Makeover (2)A couple of hours later and the art was ready to hang in the bathroom.

Brie Brie Blooms, Bathroom Art MakeoverAlthough I have a long way to go with the rest of the decor, I love the new art!

Brie Brie Blooms, Bathroom Art Makeover (5)

Next up in the bathroom – new towels and rugs!

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