The funny things our kids do during school holiday performances

I’m a preschool teacher and especially love the holidays because of all the seasonal fun we get to have in the classroom. One of my favorite parts of the holiday season this year has been planning our performance for the holiday program. My class had been practicing for weeks and couldn’t wait for the big day. This year my daughter is a student in my classroom. For the first time I am playing the role of mommy and teacher consecutively. With the anticipation of our holiday program, she was singing the songs all day with me at school and home. She was so excited to perform and I completely expected her to listen to the teachers’ instructions, happily sing, and then leave the stage to find daddy waiting in the audience. I did not expect her to shout out asking for gum during the performance! Just after a song, she peaked into the crowd and yelled, “dad, do you have gum?” Luckily my husband caught the entire thing on film and we will be able to laugh about later too.

My parents are filming this...

Did you catch your children doing anything silly in their school holiday programs this year?

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