Enjoy Chocolate and Wine together with ChocolatRouge

Enjoy Chocolate and Wine together with ChocolatRouge disclosure #Cheers2Chocolate #ChocolateRouge #shop #cbias

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December is a busy month with my daughter’s birthday and Christmas. Between party planning, decorating, shopping, wrapping, work, and errands, I need to indulge in a few sweet treats. My perfect evening in the middle of all the holiday excitement would be relaxing on the couch with my husband watching a few favorite holiday movies. Of course this perfect night would also include wine and a giant bowl of chocolate. Sounds like the perfect way to relax. Although this sounds absolutely dreamy the reality is I don’t ever really let myself relax like that and I surely don’t want to indulge in an entire bowl of chocolate. Now with Choco­la­tRouge Wine I can have a glass of wine and savor in the rich taste of sweet chocolate…all together in the same glass.

Enjoy Chocolate and Wine together with ChocolatRouge #Cheers2Chocolate #ChocolateRouge #shop #cbias

Our warm Arizona weather has allowed me to enjoy a glass of choco­la­te wine after dinner on our patio a couple of times this month.

Wine on patio #Cheers2Chocolate #ChocolateRouge #shop #cbias

As the weather is getting cooler and my list of holiday related errands is growing, snuggling up on the couch with my husband and favorite holiday movies after our daughter is sleeping has been a great way to relax. I would never consider drinking warm wine until tasting the sweet ChocolateRouge chocolate wine. A festive holiday cup and warm chocolate wine is our grown up version of hot chocolate this season.

Relax during the holidays with wine and movies #Cheers2Chocolate #ChocolateRouge #shop #cbias

Watching our favorite holiday movies and enjoying a new favorite wine is going to keep me relaxed this holiday season.

Cheers to holiday movies and ChocolatRouge Wine #Cheers2Chocolate #ChocolateRouge #shop #cbias

ChocolatRouge wine makes a great gift too. I usually gift bottles of wine with an opener but the easy screw off lid makes this a perfect gift all by itself.

ChocolatRouge screw off top #Cheers2Chocolate #ChocolateRouge #shop #cbias

Do you plan to gift a bottle of ChocolatRouge wine or enjoy a glass while watching your favorite holiday movie?

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