Skinny Cow Ganache Frozen Treats

  Skinny Cow Ganache Frozen Treats Disclosure #SkinnyCowGanache #shop #cbias

The holidays are the perfect time to spend with family creating new traditions. With new Skinny Cow Ganache ice cream cones, we have been enjoying frozen treats together. The cream and chocolate delicacy can make it’s way to your home too during your next visit to Walmart.

Skinny Cow Ganache Frozen Treats #SkinnyCowGanache #shop #cbias

My husband and I both enjoy sweets and don’t always have the will power to push aside the tasty plate of cookies from the neighbors. Skinny Cow’s line of low calorie treats have helped me avoid other sweets in the past and I’m happy to have them around during this time of year. 

Skinny Cow Ganache Chocoate Mint Frozen Treats Packaging #SkinnyCowGanache #shop #cbias

During the holidays it is so easy to indulge. With just 160 calories per cone, you can forget about counting calories and depriving your sweet tooth.

Your scale will love Skinny Cow Ganache #SkinnyCowGanache #shop #cbias

Santa is going to be surprised to find an ice cream cone instead of cookies when he visits our home Christmas Eve. He just might be sending his elves to Walmart to pick up a few boxes to share with Mrs. Clause too.

Skinny Cow Ganache for Santa #SkinnyCowGanache #shop #cbias

The Chocolate Mint Ganache is a new favorite in our home. Start a new tradition and share Skinny Cow frozen treats with a cup of hot cocoa!

Skinny Cow Ganache Chocolate Mint Ice Cream #SkinnyCowGanache #shop #cbias

The new Chocolate Mint Ganache and Chocolate Mousse Ganache frozen desserts are available at  Walmart.

Skinny Cow Ganache Chocoate Mousse Frozen Treats Packaging #SkinnyCowGanache #shop #cbias

Will you be leaving Santa a special Skinny Cow treat this year too?

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