Thanksgiving Dog Biscuits

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Thanksgiving Dog Biscuits

Special snacking moments during the holiday season bring extra flavor and with Vita Bone® Artisan Inspired® biscuits, our dog gets to be included too.

Our dog, Sophie, is now 12 years old and much unlike her younger years, she’s very calm. Most of her days are spent relaxing at home with daily walks to the park outside of our hotter months in Arizona. Currently she’s loving being outside and likes to run and play in the afternoon with our youngest daughter.

This sweet girl and her dog have a precious bond.

Sophie has a very strict diet and her tummy is upset by most dog treats. She’s a curious dog and we have to be very careful to be sure she doesn’t get people food. Vita Bone Artisan Inspired biscuits are made in the USA with no corn, No soy, no by-products and no artificial flavors with ingredients you actually can smell and recognize including fruits and veggies. These dog biscuits smell good and taste good too. 

These holiday flavored dog biscuits are great to include your dog in special snacking moments.

In Arizona, we are in the best time of the year to be outside. Most special snacking moments happen at the park and our youngest daughter is so excited to be able to bring something tasty for Sophie to enjoy too.

Practice good dog behaviors with these holiday flavored dog biscuits.

She also feels excited about practicing good behaviors like sitting for snacks.

Practice good dog behaviors with these holiday flavored dog biscuits.

The Turkey, Stuffing & Cranberry variety is a delicious options for our Sophie girl and my daughters feel extra special about her not missing out on Thanksgiving flavors. 

These Turkey, Stuffing and Cranberry flavors are great for holiday snacking moments with your dog.

What are your most favorite special snacking moments shared with your dog? 

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15 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Dog Biscuits”

  1. This sounds like a great snacks for dogs and your post gives me an idea of item to give to my cousin’s dogs. Thanks for sharing!

  2. At night my dogs always get a bed time treat. They expect it and wait for it. It’s special to me because I use it as a time to give them each a loving rub and say good night

  3. My favorite moments are in the evening after everyone has gone to bed. I make a hot cup of tea and have some cookies with it. At the same time I give our Zeus some of his own snacks. I love this time of day!

    • I enjoy the quiet time in our home too! Congrats, you’ve won two packages of dog biscuits to share with Zeus in those quiet hours. Please respond to my email with your mailing address.

  4. Our boy Bailey loves to have treats put in a ball that he has to work to get them out. He looks forward to it every night. It makes us happy to see him so happy .


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