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Working from home has provided me with so many incredible opportunities for my daughters. My youngest is almost three years old and while the circumstances that led to me being home with her are very different than those when I was home with her big sister as a toddler, I love all the time I’ve had with both my daughters. They do grow so quickly and these years have been the best for our family. That being said, I do actually work so my time availability for everything else is the same as any working parent. Grocery shopping, laundry, meal prep, dishes, homework help and everything in between our weekly tasks include excellent time management or it just doesn’t get done. Grocery shopping is not the item on my list that can’t not get done but it’s the chore I avoid most. Going grocery shopping with a toddler is a wonderful educational opportunity for her and delicately put, the most challenging part of my day. Wowza, it’s exhausting. We love shopping at Target but some days just don’t have the time to leisurely wander the aisles while little sister takes her sweet time getting through our shopping list. Last week I used Shipt grocery delivery for the first time and had an incredible time saving experience.

Use Shipt grocery delivery service to save time and avoid overspending at the grocery store.

What is Shipt?

Shipt grocery delivery is a same day service that allows you to shop and schedule grocery delivery as often, or not, as you would like. Some days you might just need a gallon of milk but other days you have a full weekly meal planning menu to shop for – both orders can be placed online and delivered to your door the same day. Personal shoppers will complete your shopping list at nearby local stores so there is no extra wait time and you have a real person reaching out to you with any questions. The grocery delivery can be scheduled to arrive wherever you want – home, work, to friends or even to where you are staying on vacation! With the $99 annual plan, you receive free delivery on all orders over $35 and can receive same day delivery in as soon as one hour. All grocery items at your participating retailers in your area are available for delivery.

Sign up for a Shipt annual grocery delivery membership and get free grocery delivery all year!

Shipt is in over 84 cities and partners with retailers and vetted shoppers to deliver the freshest  groceries and everyday essentials. I signed up and started shopping at Target the same day. 

How to shop with Shipt

You can browse your nearby retailers then shop by featured promotions, categories or specific item names.

Featured Promotions

Shopping at Target is exciting when you see the promotions where you receive gift cards for purchasing a certain amount of specific products. You can do that online with Shipt too! Browse the featured promotions to shop just as you would in store.

Shop by store featured promotions online with Shipt grocery delivery.

Weekly Sale Items

Other categories include weekly sale items where you can see everything on sale for the week.

Healthy Eating

The Healthy Eating category was a great way to remember fresh produce and other healthy cooking ingredients.

Top Essentials

Top Essentials shows you the most popular items for the day. It’s also a great place for reminder items you might otherwise forget to add to your shopping cart. Think of it as browsing the aisles to make sure you pick up everything you need at home.

Shop by categories online with Shipt grocery delivery.

Item Search

If you have a shopping list already made, you can easily search items by name and add them to your cart. I enjoyed seeing the items listed by brand and price so I could save while shopping.

Shop by specific items online with Shipt grocery delivery to see the best prices.

Delivery Time

You have the option of selecting same or next day delivery with an easy checkmark next to your preference.

You have the option of selecting same or next day grocery delivery with Shipt.

Knowing we were getting close to both my daughters’ bedtimes, I selected delivery for the next day 9 to 10am. The Shipt order confirmation screen showed I had selected my desired time and the order would be processed the next morning.

An online confirmation shows you when your Shipt grocery delivery has been completed.

Just after 8:00 am the next morning I received a text from my Shipt shopper, Candace. She let me know she was shopping with my order and asked if I needed to make any changes or additions. Earlier that morning I used the last of our dish soap so the text from Candace was welcomed. I asked her to add a large bottle of Dawn dish soap to my order and she then asked me if I had a specific size scent preference. She also confirmed when she had completed shopping and was on her way with the delivery to my home.

Your Shipt personal shopper communicates with you while completing your grocery delivery order.

My Shipt shopper arrived in the delivery time window with my complete order plus dish soap add on! She brought the bags in to my kitchen island and asked if I needed help unloading cold items. 

Your personal Shipt shopper makes the grocery delivery process an easy experience.

After the delivery I received a receipt by email with the option to tip my shopper and leave a rating. My shopper did a fabulous job and saved me so much time. I would have gone shopping, forgotten the dish soap, then had to return the same day…with my super fun to shop with almost three year old daughter. 

A week later and I haven’t stepped into a grocery store because I’ll be shopping with Shipt at Target again today.

$100 Grocery Giveaway

Shipt wants you to have this same amazing time saving opportunity and is giving away an annual membership and $100 credit for groceries and home essentials from Target.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We’ll be shopping for our pool essentials and very much looking forward to grocery delivery on our annual summer vacation in Carlsbad, California!

How often would you like to use grocery delivery in your home?  

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Easily schedule grocery delivery with Shipt for free with your annual membership!

95 thoughts on “Target Grocery Delivery with Shipt | $100 Grocery Giveaway”

  1. I would love to use it like once or twice a month especially on weeks when I’m really busy and having company.

  2. I would use it often. I have dislike grocery shopping. These days, its almost more than i can handle. Shopping with 3 year old twins is very challenging and exhausting.

  3. I have a phobia of driving so I am unable to drive. I also love to cook so I would use this service quite often!

  4. I would use this service every other week. I love this idea. I have RA and find it difficult to do our food shopping. This would be such a great help.

  5. Wow that is awesome that your shopper sends a message checking for last minute additions! I have used a shopping service for a grocery store once and they did not have this added service! I need to try this out!

  6. That sounds like an amazing service! Going to the grocery store with my 2 toddlers can be a challenge – in between them fighting with each other in the cart to them trying to grab items from the shelves, ugh, I’d take online shopping any day of the week. Also, I bet it comes in super handy if it’s raining outside. Lol.

  7. I would like to use it at least once a week. My cousin recently signed up to be a delivery person for them. It seems like a great service, and I would definitely like to try it out.

  8. I am quite impressed you are able to text them while they are out running around doing your shopping for you. This saves so much time especially for families or single parents, it really cuts down and opens up room to complete other chores.

  9. This would be a dream come true for me and I could see myself using the service many times a week. Truly, if there’s anything I don’t like doing, shopping is at the top of my list. Also, how cool that there is a personal shopper assigned to your order who is thoughtful enough to ask what kind and size of something you’d like! Whoever thought of Shipt is a genius. x

  10. Anything to save me time is a welcome change. I need to try this out and stop going all the way to the store when I am already pressed for time. I love all of the advances in grocery shopping, they have really helped me out a lot!

  11. During the winter I would really like to use grocery delivery weekly so we don’t have to go out and be exposed to a ton of germs!

  12. I would use this once a week, thats normally about the amount I go grocer shopping, this would be so convenient.

  13. I would need it weekly am quite impressed you are able to text them while they are out running around doing your shopping for you. This saves so much time especially for families or single parents, it really cuts down and opens up room to complete other chores

  14. I would use it on holiday weekends so I do not need to go to the store when it is so busy, also during the winter in bad weather.

  15. Grocery deliveries (and meal ingredient deliveries) are really convenient, especially for people who have mobility issues…I used to have such service but nowadays, I really try to go out and walk some more, for some health issues. πŸ˜€

  16. I would like my groceries delivered once a month or every 2 weeks it would just depend on what we go through.

  17. I would use it weekly! It’s a pain to take out 3 young kids to the store, even for just a quick run. This would be amazing!

  18. I’d use it monthly (already use schwan’s frozen grocer delivery twice a month,) this would help me get my necessities and food in between deliveries.

  19. Weekly delivery would be incredibly helpful! Even twice a week because sometimes I have to run to the store for a few items during the week.

  20. I’m so happy that I could make your first Shipt experience a positive one. Thank you so much and I hope to shop for you again!
    Candace- Your Shipt Shopper


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