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If there is just one place I could bottle up and keep in my pocket it would be, without a second thought, Carlsbad, California. The beach town has so much special significance to our family. It’s the first place my husband and I road tripped to while we were dating almost 15 years ago. We have visited every summer since and make sure to stop by at least for a quick walk on the beach or lunch at our favorite restaurant every time we travel to Southern California. Our last summer vacation in Carlsbad was also the first time we were away with our new baby. At just a few months old, the Carlsbad Inn was a perfect destination for her first week away from home. With so many amazing family memories from Carlsbad we dream of eventually having a permanent place to reside during our many visits. In the meantime, we will continue planning our regular summer vacations at the Carlsbad Inn and sneaking in additional weekend visits as much as we possibly can. Making a reservation with ResorTime for your stay helps you select the best options for your family. Whether you are looking for a fast week away or a full weeklong vacation, visiting Carlsbad will be an experience you will remember.


Imagine waking up every morning with the cool Southern California breeze blowing through your open patio doors and a perfect view of the beautiful blue ocean. The Carlsbad Inn is everything you would imagine for a perfect Southern California family vacation. The first time my husband and I stayed there almost 15 years ago, we didn’t have children, and loved the resort just as much as we do today after visiting many many times with children. We have watched as the courtyard has been renovated and shared in the excitement each time we notice something new. The weekly activities include family friendly events like movies on the lawn and parties. There are also activities catered to those traveling without children, like wine tastings and morning yoga. 


The view from the resort is amazing but it’s the easy beach access that makes staying here the perfect Southern California family vacation destination.  As a resort guest you are able to check out complimentary beach items like sand toys, boogie boards, chairs, and umbrellas. Visiting the beach truly couldn’t be easier. Exit through the resort courtyard, cross a small street, and you’re steps away from the soft sand and waves. 


During our weeklong stays, we could easily spend each day at the beach. Having the ability to simply walk back to your room after a few hours in sun makes going to the beach an every day event during vacation. The beach is never crowded and has a beautiful view of the California coastline. 


The Carlsbad Inn has several different accommodation styles: traditional guest rooms, suites, and beach resort condominiums. We have stayed in all three throughout the past but our preferred stay is in the condos. The full kitchen with stove, refrigerator, and dish washer makes it absolutely ideal for a weeklong family stay. Our last summer vacation included a lot of baby supplies. We needed adequate space for all the floor toys. We also wanted a comfortable space for our Ingenuity washable play yard (affliate link) and our six year old daughter to lounge while we weren’t out playing in the sun. The dishwasher helped washing many bottles throughout the week because as I’m sure parents know, washing bottles in a hotel sink is not fun (or easy!). The big bathroom has a very nice shower but with a baby, we got creative to figure out how to bath a baby in a room without a tub.


Our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Norte, is connected to the Carlsbad Inn resort. When we aren’t staying nearby, we happily make the drive for lunch. The local restaurant has been there for over 30 years with the same traditional dishes. I could literally eat every meal here during our stay! We enjoy dining in the restaurant just as much as quick take out for a poolside lunch or a family evening movie in our room.  


In addition to the nearby beach access, the Carlsbad Inn is located directly across the street from some of our very favorite local eateries and ice cream spots. Every evening we end up walking out for ice cream. During the days we usually have some fun browsing local shops for souvenirs and trinkets.  


Each time we visit we leave with new family memories. My very favorite from this summer vacation was watching my six year old daughter learn to skateboard. We purchased her new skateboard from a small shop nearby and she was very excited to discover it had been painted by a local artist. She practiced everyday and by the end of the week was pretty good on her own. 


She rode her skateboard each time we went out for a family walk. 


Carlsbad is located close to many different attractions. We always end up visiting our favorites multiple times: Disneyland, La Jolla Cove, and SeaWorld are just a short drive away. Whether it’s staying in town to visit Legoland or picking strawberries, planning a day at a California water park, or just watching the sunset from our balcony each evening, Carlsbad will always be a favorite Southern California family destination.


What’s your most favorite thing about a cozy beach town family vacation?

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