Stonyfield yogurt pouches

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We are an on the go family and I do my very best to pack healthy snacks for my daughter. Whether it’s a fun day at the zoo or packing a lunch for my daughter at preschool, finding healthy options appealing to a five year old hasn’t always been easy. She likes yogurt but unless I plan to also pack a spoon and prepare for a big mess, I have previously avoided adding a yogurt cup to her snack bag. New Stonyfield yogurt pouches has allowed my daughter to enjoy one of her favorite healthy and organic snacks with out the mess. 


I first became of a fan of the Stonyfield brand when I attended the #SweetDreamsSoiree event during the TECHmunch LA 2014 conference. I loved the flavor and came home on a mission to find a nearby store carrying the yogurt. I started regularly purchasing the healthy yogurt for myself and the pouches for my daughter. The new YoKids yogurt pouches are available in several different flavors. My daughter’s current favorite is strawberry but she has also enjoyed blueberry and strawberry banana. The pouches are sold in multiple packs as well as individually. With so many healthy benefits, I’ve been purchasing several boxes of the 4 packs each time I go grocery shopping.


Reasons I choose Stonyfield YoKids  

  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • Organic low fat milk
  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners

The yogurt is healthy and a great option for on the go families. The pouches have an easy twist off cap requiring no spoon. They are also resealable so you can save the unused portion for later.


My most favorite reason to give my daughter new Stonyfield yogurt pouches is she loves them!


The yogurt pouches easily fit in your child’s lunchbox or snack bag but remember they are made with live active yogurt cultures so must be kept cold. Add some fun to your child’s lunch with a coordinating note. The printable lunchbox notes are a great addition to the healthy snack.  


The yogurt pouches are also available for babies and toddlers too. The YoBaby yogurt pouches and YoToddler yogurt pouches are made with whole milk and have flavor variations including veggies like Pear Spinach Mango. Have you tried the new Stonyfield yogurt pouches yet?

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