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Preparing brown bag lunches for my daughter to bring to school with her daily feels like a chore when I don’t start the week with a plan. This week I saved time and money by shopping at Smart & Final with their “Buy 4 Save $4” sale on Kraft food items. As a mom and preschool teacher, I know the positive impact finding a little note in your lunchbox has on a child. I created printable jokes and notes to add to my daughter’s lunch and know she will love them. Packing my daughter’s school lunches will be less time consuming and she will be smiling when she discovers a little love note from mommy. Following an easy recipe and dropping a note in  your child’s brown bag lunch will make their day!


If it was up to my daughter, I’d be packing her lunch everyday. Planning ahead and shopping smarter will make that a possibility this month. Smart & Final makes shopping easy because they have everything from produce to meats and offer discounts with out requiring a club fee. The warehouse size items help moms like me save money and easily menu plan when thinking about a few weeks of packing my daughter’s lunch. Working in a preschool I see plenty of creative brown bag lunch options for children. Regardless of the food items in the lunchbox, kids are always most excited to see a personal note tucked inside. The notes I created pair perfectly with the groceries I purchased from Smart & Final.


The first lunch I plan to pack my daughter this week is tacos including a yummy taco spread. She loves sour cream so I created an easy taco spread recipe to sneak in some tomatoes.

Easy taco spread ingredients:

  • 1/2 C sour cream
  • 5-10 cherry tomatoes


Dice the tomatoes and mix them with the sour cream. The easy recipe is a great way to discretely add some healthy veggies to your child’s lunch.


I always pack grocery items in their own separate plastic containers because my daughter enjoys putting her lunch together at school by herself. 

Taco lunch grocery items:

  • small tortillas
  • shredded chicken
  • shredded cheese
  • easy taco spread


Add a drink and fruit with the printable note and you’ve packed a perfect well balanced lunch for your child.


If you’re short on time, pack a Lunchables lunch combination instead.


The notes easily pair with other foods too. Nacho flavored Corn Nuts are perfect for a joke about nacho cheese. 

easy lunchbox and notes ideas

Print and cut the free notes then place them in a kitchen drawer to have handy when you pack your child’s lunch each morning.


Easily download the Printable notes and jokes for printing from your home computer.

All of the #ChooseSmart ingredients and lunchbox food items for this #CollectiveBias post were purchased at Smart & Final. Shop the “Buy 4 Save $4” sale in stores February 19 – March 4, 2014. 


Find more recipe ideas in the Social Circular. Connect with Smart & Final on Twitter, and on Facebook to learn more about sales and in store events.

Which note will you be packing in your child’s lunchbox first this week?

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