Slimer Party

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The original Ghostbusters movie is a favorite in our home. But the 2016 Ghostbusters starring a cast of ghost fighting girls is a new favorite for us. With the new movie now available on Blu-Ray, DVD and 4K Ultra HD our family hosted a Ghostbusters viewing party full of slime, yummy treats and a fun outdoor party.  A new smartphone from Walmart Family Mobile made it easy to plan the party and celebrate the movie release.

Slimer Party

If you haven’t seen the new Ghostbusters movie starring Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy, check out the Ghostbusters movie trailer to convince you to run to your nearest Walmart to purchase the movie today. Chris Hemsworth is a fun addition to the all star lineup and we loved seeing ghost fighting girls remake the classic.

Our Slimer party is a fun way to celebrate the new Ghostbusters and get messy covering your house with washable slime. Walmart Family Mobile made it easy for us to plan our party on the go and purchase everything we needed for the ultimate Ghostbusters viewing party.

Slimer Party Supplies

I purchased the LG K7 smartphone, currently on rollback from $89.88 to just $49.88, and Walmart Family Mobile starter kit as well as the Ghostbusters Extended Edition on Blu-Ray to get my party planning started. The starter kit for this phone is the Nano starter kit (it’s what you need to actually activate the phone). With the constant need for data, I love that the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS plan includes 10GB of 4LTE data for just $49.88 a month. Plus, on this plan, you get a free VUDU movie rental every month. EVERY MONTH. If your family is like mine, we plan movie nights frequently so it’s nice to get some new releases into the rotation. The smartphone with so much data helped me look up my party plan notes and my grocery shopping list while at Walmart. When you’re a busy mom like me, it’s awesome to have the ability to access everything you need on the go.

Slimer Party Walmart Family Mobile

We decided our courtyard was the perfect place for an outdoor Ghostbusters viewing party. The only thing that would make the space even more perfect was covering it in slime. My daughter had so much fun splattering neon green washable sidewalk chalk paint all over the windows and walls. We’ve used this paint before and I was not worried by the mess because it really is completely washable.

Slimer Party cover walls

Our party food was slimed with lime green chocolate. We made Slimer popcorn, Slimer OREO cookies and Slimer ghost cups.

Slimer Party Popcorn Slimer Party OREO Cookies Slimer Party Ghost Cups

The Slimer party punch was also green and served with dry ice to recreate the very first ghost entrance shown in Ghostbusters!

Slimer Party Punch Recipe 


  • 2 L 7UP®
  • Green Berry Rush™ Hawaiian Punch® Singles to go!

Mix the 7UP and three Hawaiian Punch packets in a pitcher. Serve with dry ice.

Party tip: place dry ice in small bowl then put bowl in center of large punch bowl. Pour punch in large bowl but do not spill into bowl with dry ice. Activate dry ice.

Slimer Party Slime Punch 7UPSlimer Party Slime Punch Hawaiian PunchSlimer Party Slime Punch Dry IceSlimer Party Slime Punch Recipe

I printed the Beware of Slime printable to hang with green washi tape for decorations. 

Slimer Party Beware of Slime printedSlimer Party hung Beware of Slime print

The Slimer party table was set up just before dusk so we could enjoy the treats before Ghostbusters played in the dark. 

Slimer Party Tablescape

Just as it got dark, we played Ghostbusters in our courtyard with a projector. The washable sidewalk chalk paint glowed and actually looked like we had been slimed! Green balloons added to the Slimer party fun. 

Slimer Party Ghostbusters projector

Ghostbusters is now available on Blu-Ray, DVD and 4K Ultra HD. The extended edition has over 15 more minutes not seen in theaters plus over 3 hours of hilarious extras. All customers who activate new lines with Walmart Family Mobile on any rate plan from 10/1-10/31 will receive a code providing a free download of the Ghostbusters Virtual Reality Experience. It’s easy to activate your line and learn about the experience when you attend an in store event. Check Walmart Family Mobile to learn when an in store event is scheduled at your local Walmart.

For only $49.88, the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS Plan includes:

  • Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited Text
  • Data including up to 10GB of 4G LTE
  • a free movie on VUDU every month ($7 value) per line

You can start service on ANY plan today for $19.88 by purchasing the Walmart Family Mobile starter kit.

Ghostbusters Virtual Reality Experience Process:

  1. User Demos at Walmart Store/User purchases Walmart Family Mobile product and gets code
  2. User visits
  3. Register and Redeem code
  4. Download app from Apple Store or Google Play/ access content

Slimer Party Walmart

The only question is….

Slimer Party Slimed Walls Night

If there’s something weird
And it don’t look good
Who you gonna call?

Slimer Party Food

Who will you invite to your Ghostbusters Slimer party? 

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  1. So many fun ideas to tie into the movie – especially the “slimed” house and dry ice. I know my kids would have too much fun “sliming” the house. [client]


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