JELL-O Zombie Donuts Recipe

Zombie donuts are a perfect treat for Halloween and to celebrate the premier of your favorite zombie show. JELL-O Zombie Donuts are ooey, gooey chocolate treats oozing green zombie guts. Are zombie guts green? Who really knows but these donuts are!

JELL-0 Zombie Donuts recipe

JELL-O Zombie Donuts Recipe


  • Lime JELL-O
  • Green chocolate melts
  • Green sparkle gel
  • White cake mix (prepared according to box instructions) 

JELL-O Zombie Donuts ingredients

Fold the lime JELL-O into your prepared cake mix. 

JELL-O Zombie Donuts green batter

Pour the zombie donuts batter into a greased donut maker.

JELL-O Zombie Donuts donut maker 

Use a piping bag to cover the donuts with melted green chocolate melts. 

JELL-O Zombie Donuts chocolate

Place the chocolate covered zombie donuts in the freezer for a few minutes to set the chocolate. Then drizzle the tops with green sparkle gel. 

Slimed Zombie Donuts

Enjoy a JELL-O zombie donut (or three!). 

Stack of Zombie Donuts

Do you binge watch zombie movies every October? Which are your favorites?

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