Shamrock Cookies in a hurry

It is were up to me I would be bake beautifully themed treats for every holiday to pass out to neighbors, bring to work for my teacher coworkers, send to out of state family, and share with my daughter’s classroom. Baking takes time and unfortunately I just don’t have enough to spend spreading sugar during holidays. Although I’m a busy working mommy, I am making sure we have cookies for St. Patrick’s Day. My shamrock cookies in a hurry took less than half an hour to make and are the perfect treat for St. Patrick’s Day!

quick shamrock cookies

Of course I would prefer to make my own frosting but when I’m in a pinch for time, I use the colored Betty Crocker cake icing with attachments. The colors are bright and the icing tastes great. Using the attachments is incredibly easy and makes it possible for any amateur to frost perfect cookies. The frosting is great for cupcakes too, like my Game Day cupcakes with Butterfinger Cups football toppers.

Shamrock Cookies in a hurry supplies:

  • prepackaged cookie dough
  • green icing with decorating tip

shamrock cookies supplies

Bake cookies according to the package directions and cool completely.

baked nestle toll house cookies

Use icing tip to apply frosting in a small triangle shape to form shamrock leaves.

Betty Crocker cake icing shamrock

Frost a four leaf clover and change the attachment to add a stem.

shamrock frosting

Taste your yummy shamrock cookies then share with friends!

yummy shamrock cookie

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the baking fun! Make shamrock cookies in a hurry this week and don’t forget to wear green for St. Patrick’s Day!

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