Math manipulative classroom fun with Disney FROZEN (constructing Elsa’s ice castle)

We use math manipulatives for learning in my preschool classroom everyday and I’m always amazed by the children’s creativity. I was recently given a large bag full of empty 35mm film cases and have had them accessible to the children to use in the classroom. With no instruction from the teachers, the children started constructing with the film cases. Listening to their conversations made it clear what they were building. They were making Elsa’s ice castle. With almost 40 Disney FROZEN loving children in our classroom, building Elsa’s ice castle with math manipulatives is a new favorite activity during free choice play time.

FROZEN classroom fun, Elsa's ice castle

Our ice castles were constructed with 35mm film cases but other math manipulatives would also be appropriate for building Elsa’s ice castle.

empty 35mm film cases

The little hands started constructing their own versions and I loved hearing a conversation where a child said, “the castles all look different and that is okay.”

building with film cases

Building castles with film cases was so much fun and had the children in the classroom asking for more castle supplies.

preschool math manipulatives

At home or in the classroom, use non traditional objects as math manipulatives and be amazed by your child’s creativity.

FROZEN in the classroom with math manipulatives

Incorporate your child’s favorite themes, like Disney FROZEN, into everyday learning for intentional experiences. The children will learn as they play.

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