Game Day cupcakes with Butterfinger Cup football toppers

Nestle Butterfinger Cups disclosure #thatnewcrush #shop #cbias

I’m all for trying a new candy bar and with the big game approaching, Nestle Butterfinger Cups were the perfect way to dress up my party cupcakes.  

Nobody better lay a finger on my game day Butterfinger! #thatnewcrush #shop #cbias

The new Butterfinger cups are chocolate with a crunchy peanut butter filling. The Butterfinger flavor makes these peanut butter cups a new favorite treat. 

Nestle Butterfinger Cups #thatnewcrush #shop #cbias

The square cups are the perfect size to top cupcakes and I knew they would be adorable dressed up with footballs for game day. Use a frosting tip to easily add the football shape to the top of the peanut butter cup. 

make a football with a frosting tip #thatnewcrush #shop #cbias

Then use cookie frosting to add football laces. 

make a football with cookie frosting #thatnewcrush #shop #cbias

Green frosting makes the perfect grassy base for your cupcake toppers. 

frosted cupcake #thatnewcrush #shop #cbias

I used a frosting tip to easily swirl the frosting in a circular motion on the cupcake. 

Place the Butterfinger Cup toppers on your cupcakes and you’re ready to watch some football! 

Game Day cupcakes with Nestle Butterfinger Cups #thatnewcrush #shop #cbias

New Butterfinger Cups are available at Walmart. Learn more about Nestle products by connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter.

What will you be preparing for game day?

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