Reebok Skyscape, shoes for busy moms

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Reebok. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

Living in Arizona most of the year we are all wearing flip flops. But being a busy mom on the go and always on my feet, flip flops are definitely not a comfortable shoe choice. During the summer in Arizona it’s simply too hot to wear shoes all day unless they are completely breathable and light. I recently shopped at Kohl’s and purchased the new Reebok Skycape shoes. They are made with foam material creating a light and flexible shoe perfect for a busy mom like me.


Prior to becoming a mom almost six years ago I wore heels daily. Now I cringe at the thought of anything other than flats during the week. I have a closet full of shoes but lately I’ve been wearing my Reebok Skyscapes because they add such a fun pop of color and are so comfortable. I’m on my feet all day working in my preschool classroom and then I’m far from done with many errands. It’s not until I’m working in my home office late into the evening that I’m able to take off my shoes. My first priority is usually kicking off my shoes and changing into something more comfortable when I get home but the Reebok Skycape shoes make me forget I’m wearing anything on my feet.

Already loving Reebok because of their fashion friendly designs, I knew I would be happy with the shoes. My daughter is constantly dressed sporty and having fun in her Reebok workout clothes. It’s time mommy purchased some new gear too. The shoes are designed for everyday active and casual wear. They are made with foam and the same processes as molded foam bras. The materials are optimized for the stresses and strains we put on our feet all day. With out any rigid edges, the shoes don’t rub anywhere and allows your feet to move naturally. The first few days wearing new shoes usually leaves me aching because most of my days are spent standing but I did not have that experience with the Skyscape shoes. 


The shoes are fully supportive but are also extremely flexible. The foam material and flexibility make it easy to play tag in the park with your children, speed walk across the parking lot to the grocery store, or feed bread to ducks at a neighborhood pond. 


My favorite feature of the Skyscape shoes are they can get wet and are machine washable. Most days I end up covered in paint and other craft supplies from the fun we have in my preschool classroom. Plenty of children’s shoes are machine washable and I love that my shoes can be washed with my daughter’s.  


Whether it’s going to work all day or walking my dog, the Reebok Skyscape shoes are perfect for a busy mom like me. 


Where do you go in your Reebok Skyscapes?

Shop at your local Kohl’s for the Reebok Skycape shoes in many different colors and patterns. Read  reviews like mine at to see why others are loving their Skyscapes too!

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