Girls in Technology | iD Tech STEM Summer Camps

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Girls in Technology | iD Tech STEM Summer Camps

Growing up as the newly defined, “Gen Z,” my nine year old daughter has already learned how to use her influence to inspire and create change. Children born in the 2000’s are finding their voices online and will be entering the workforce with more technology based skills than ever. We are creating a generation of smart, independent thought leaders who are comfortable with technology and social media. It is our responsibility to empower these young leaders with skill sets to spark their creativity and provide learning opportunities for them to follow their passions. iD Tech is the nation’s #1 summer STEM education provider for ages 7-18, with programs held at 150+ top U.S. campuses. For 20 years, id Tech has been paving the way for STEM education with over 350,000 children and youth already passing through their learning camps and mentorship opportunities. This summer we are proud to be part of the program that’s trusted for girls and boys by our nation’s top universities. Numbers of girls in technology are growing and iD Tech STEM summer camps are contributing to the early development and interest.

iD Tech STEM summer camp programs are excellent for girls in technology.

Like most of her peers, my daughter has been using a computer since well before she was introduced to a preschool classroom. 

Many Gen Z children have grown up using technology. iD Tech is a great STEM summer camp program to help develop technology skills.

She was always very interested in animal science and through many different learning opportunities she became the SeaWorld kid blogger at just five years old. Far beyond simply loving animals and the oceans, she was using her voice to share what inspires her to learn. Together we have navigated photography, blogging, social media and a marketing skill set far beyond that of an average third grader. At nine years old she writes her own blog content for SeaWorld, is a competent photographer with editing skills, navigates social media and has a deep understanding of marketing. Her educational opportunities are boundless and supporting her endeavors has given her confidence to continue seeking new learning experiences. 

Gen Z influencers are confident leaders and with empowered voices. iD Tech is the leading STEM summer camp experience contributing to the successes.

College Preparation

We already know our oldest daughter is paving the way for her own success but not long from now we will also be working through college applications. The Smithsonian reports that by the end of 2018, 2.4 million STEM jobs will go unfilled. iD Tech’s long-term learning system equips kids and teens with skills for the most exciting and in-demand careers. STEM jobs in technology are some of the highest paid and fastest growing in our country. iD Tech is truly an investment in your child’s future and one we will not be missing out on for summer learning opportunities. We are doing our part to provide our daughter with learning opportunities to set her apart from her peers. With her eyes already set on attending Stanford we recognize the importance of building her young portfolio early.

Girls in Technology

We are involved in a few local groups for girls in science and tech so it’s no surprise to us when we hear the previously male dominated career paths are seeing a rise in females. Just six years ago only 12% of iD Tech campers were female but today over 50,000 girls have graduated from the Tech Camps and Academies. In 2015 Alexa Café was launched and is now the countries largest tech camp for girls.

In 2015 Alexa Café was launched and is now the countries largest tech camp for girls. Register for your child's STEM summer camp experience with a discount code.

STEM Summer Camps

id Tech recruits the top talent from universities like Stanford, RIT, Caltech, and MIT to inspire students in an upbeat, collaborative environment. The student teacher ratio is a maximum of 10 students to each teacher with skill sets ranging from beginner to advanced. Students can learn at their own pace while finding their interests and accomplishing goals.

iD Tech is the nation's #1 summer STEM education provider for ages 7-18, with programs held at 150+ top U.S. campuses.

iD Tech locations include top universities in over 25 states. Tech courses include 50+ cutting edge summer courses and private lessons for students age 7-18:

  • Coding
  • Design
  • Game Development
  • Robotics

Co-ed and all girls classes are available throughout the summer schedule. Camp programs vary by length, age, and skill sets starting at simply summer fun for beginners to advanced groups learning about navigating through business startups including networking with Silicon Valley recruiters.

Use code BRIEBRIE18 for $75 off registration. Courses sell out quickly so get started today by registering online at iD Tech or by calling (888) 709-8324 for personalized course recommendations.

Save on your child's iD Tech registration with a STEM summer camp discount.

Do you have a child enthusiastic about technology too?

In addition to learning about technology, our daughter is on a youth competitive rock climbing team, has a deep love for her many pets, is the SeaWorld kid blogger and recently took on a lead ambassador role at our local Dolphinaris to help launch their first kids conservation program. Adding technology learning opportunities to her ever growing portfolio will certainly help her develop as a leader.

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iD Tech STEM summer camps are great for girls in technology to further develop their skills with a wide range of educational opportunities.

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  1. It sounds like such a great program for young girls that are interested in technology! It’s great for young children that grow up around computers to learn the positive things that come with technology as opposed to the negative.

  2. That’s really cool. I love that there are stem camps. It’s important that our kids know the future of their adult years and are skilled for the jobs that will probably dominate their life when that day comes. This is a fabulous find, going to share with my friends.

  3. My daughter attended a STEM “camp” more of a visit than a camp – back when she was in middle school. I went with as a chaperone. It was the best experience of her pre-teens! She absolutely LOVED it! That was a decade ago. It was such a special thing back in the day and I am so happy to see more STEM camps, toys, and learning programs available for young ladies!

  4. This camp sounds perfect for my daughter. She is interested in technology and has no plans so far this summer.

  5. This sounds like a fun way to learn about these kinds of things for kids that are interested in it. My daughter loves to create videos and edit, so she is really into tech.

  6. My girls love technology! This looks like a really fun program too. Always nice to see young girls get these fun and exciting chances!

  7. I’m going to try and get my kids in a STEM camp this summer. Its so important as this is the way of the future. I like the Gen Z name as I don’t really think I should be a millenial being born in 1981. I was alive before home computers or cellphones were a thing.


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