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Having a pet husky in our home for the past nine years has surely been an adventure. Our husky, Sophie, has a very dynamic personality and keeps us on our toes EVERYDAY. My husband went to college at UCONN and because of their husky mascot, always wanted a pet husky. When it was time for us to get our first puppy together, almost 10 years ago, we researched so many different dog breeds and decided a husky would definitely be the first addition to our family. We found a local breeder and asked many questions before bringing our little bundle of fur home. Sophie was the most adorable husky puppy and I’ve journaled every second of mischief she has gotten herself into over the past nine years. Parenting a husky has been a learning experience and one I’d love to share with friends adopting a husky. The new puppy husky gift shares a few of the things Sophie has taught us to help prepare new owners. Huskies are alpha dogs and ultimately do what they want on their own time. They are personable, vocal, emotional and loyal. My husband and I learned very quickly that STAINMASTER® Carpet Pet Stain Remover from Target would be our new best friend. Sophie was our first baby but now we have two daughters – our oldest is eight years old and baby sister is almost two. They both have grown up with Sophie and we couldn’t ask for a more awesome family pet.

new puppy husky gift

The new puppy husky gift includes a DIY dog treat jar filled with favorite treats for positive reinforcement during puppy training, toys, a journal and STAINMASTER. Huskies are extremely active dogs and just like children, poor behavior happens with boredom. When we first brought Sophie home, we worked on crate training during the day while we were at work. Everyday she would push her crate and our furniture to get to the edge of the wall. She chewed all the baseboards in our home her first year. Seeing her destruction, allowing her to roam freely in our home while we worked sounded terrifying but ended up being great for her. Her alpha dog attitude was just telling us she didn’t like being in the crate.

New Puppy Husky Gift

STAINMASTER Carpet pet Stain Remover

STAINMASTER is my top must have item for families bringing home new puppies. It removes stubborn pet stains and the ODOR REMOVE™ Technology cleans and protects. Sophie agrees it’s the best for cleaning up her messes!

Share a new puppy husky gift with friends and family bringing home a new puppy husky! Our nine year old husky says STAINMASTER® is a great start!

Because huskies are alpha dogs, it’s very important to establish dominance as you are introducing a new puppy to your home and family. Training with positive reinforcement and treats will help with the process. Unfortunately for us, Sophie runs the show in our family. Although we went to puppy school and she was a star student, she listens when she wants to and it’s usually only when motivated by a treat.

DIY dog treat jar

Personalize a treat jar lid with the printable dog treats jar label. The printable works with AVERY print to the edge round labels or you can print it on a self adhesive sheet and cut out the label with a 2″ punch. Fill the jar with small treats. Huskies grow to be large dogs but as puppies, for positive reinforcement training, small treats work well. 

DIY dog treat dish

Huskies are very active and need excessive attention. A walk to the park is simply not enough for Sophie. She wants to run, jump and play. Toys at home are imperative so she’s not using our house as her personal toy box (the baseboards!).


Squeeky toys and tennis balls were Sophie’s favorites as a puppy! Be sure to purchase strong toys because your new puppy husky will like to play rough. 

dog toys

I’ve maintained a family blog since the year we brought Sophie home. Each year I print the blog so I have permanent memories and photos to share with our daughters. Reading the books also is a great reminder of the many messes Sophie has made. Each time we read the books we are laughing at her many adventures.


You certainly don’t want to forget the many adventures you will share with your new puppy. Gift a journal to encourage noting all the silly things the puppy does and how she makes sure you know she’s the most important family member.

dog journal

I found a few of my favorite puppy husky moments on our family blog to share. Our oldest daughter and Sophie made so many messes together. When it was quiet in our home, without a doubt, I knew Sophie and the baby were up to something. Finding them under our bed with the cat shredding tissue paper is a favorite memory. As usual Sophie wouldn’t look at me when I asked what they were doing.  

huskie playing under bed

Baby bath time was always a favorite for Sophie. She was very protective of our oldest daughter and would sit next to me to watch her in the bath. Sometimes she would lean in for a drink from the faucet. Our daughter thought this was hilarious and instead decided she should serve Sophie.

husky sharing bath with baby

Many years later, with our baby #2, Sophie is just as incredible.  Baby sister and Sophie spend their days reading, playing and napping together. I recently explored the question, “is your child smothering your dog?”, and am happy to report she is not – but Sophie sure does get lots of baby love!

smothering dog baby reading to husky

We have gone through so many bottles of STAINMASTER carpet pet stain remover since Sophie joined our family.

STAINMASTER carpet pet stain remover 

Do your friends a favor and gift them with more than one bottle. I promise they will be thanking you later! It removes pet stains, eliminates odors and repels dirt. Each time you use STAINMASTER it leaves behind an invisible shield without sticky residue to repel dirt to protect against re-soiling, making it easier to clean next time. It’s also great for everyday spills like coffee, grape juice, jelly, chocolate syrup, ketchup, dirty motor oil, and soil. Trust me, somehow your new puppy husky will find a way to make a mess with those too!

new puppy husky gift stainmaster

Using STAINMASTER Carpet Pet Stain Remover is easy!

  1. SPRAY: Spray product liberally and directly on affected areas.
  2. WAIT: Wait 3-5 minutes to allow solution to penetrate the stain.
  3. BLOT: Dampen the spot with water and blot with a clean, colorfast paper towel or cloth. Repeat as necessary to remove the stain. For best results treat stain immediately.

When Sophie sees me with the STAINMASTER bottle she refuses to make eye contact. She knows she made a mess for me to clean up and would rather pretend it was the cat instead.

new puppy husky gift pet stain remover

Ask her about the mess and she fully avoids me. She has such a colorful personality and although this behavior is the result of making a mess, I love she is so expressive. It certainly adds to the fun of having a husky in our home.

stainmaster embarrassed husky

I purchased the STAINMASTER and everything needed to put together the perfect new puppy husky gift from my local Target in Gilbert, Arizona. The Target right off the South Loop 202 at Gilbert Road always has everything on my shopping list! Find the STAINMASTER in the cleaning aisle but please note STAINMASTER Carpet Pet Stain Remover is not available at all Target locations, but is available online. Find STAINMASTER Carpet Pet Stain Remover at a Target nearby, or have it shipped for free, to your local Target store. Be sure to use the Cartwheel offer to save 25% on STAINMASTER at Target February 5 – March 4.


Stainmaster at Target

Do you have suggestions for friends bringing home a new puppy husky?

new puppy husky gift in basket

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43 thoughts on “New Puppy Husky Gift”

  1. What a great idea for new husky puppy parents! STAINMASTER® Carpet Pet Stain Remover is the perfect addition to your gift basket!! #client

  2. I’m on my third dog as an adult in my own house and let me tell you the potty training gets revisited when they get older. My first two lived to 12 and 14. The 14 year old had occasional incontinence in her last couple of years and boy could I have used a stainmaster!

    • We live in Arizona and thought the same thing. But we found a local breeder with several generations of huskies in Arizona. Our Sophie does great in the summers but loves when it cools down and she wants to be outside everyday.

  3. This is such a good idea. I personally don’t have pets at the moment but I grew up with with one and I do remember how crazy it can be with a pet. Stain removers are definitely a must!

  4. I love the under the bed photo. That’s hilarious. It’s so good when your pet is great with children. She’s a beautiful dog.

    • Thank you! That photo is one of my favorites too. 1) I can’t believe how much my daughters look alike and 2) I can’t believe Sophie plays just as much with our second daughter over six years later!

  5. She’s such a beauty, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a colour on husky, gorgeous! We don’t have a dog but I have made some kitty biscuits and a jar the other day for our two little munchkins – and we totally do need a good stain remover, what we’re using is not brilliant! x

    • Thank you! Sophie is a beautiful dog – the breeder told us she would turn red but she never really did. When she sheds she you can see her color a little more but in the winter she bulks up and is mostly white. Yes to a good pet stain remover when you have kitties at home!

  6. Awwww Sophie is just beautiful. I lost my fur baby last year and her name was Sophie too. 🙁 Charlie and Elle have joined the family now so I know we could use this!

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Our girls have grown up with Sophie so I can’t imagine what it would be like without her. Good luck finding a new puppy to snuggle!

  7. I am glad I don’t have to deal with pet stains anymore haha. This sounds great for people with puppies though! I love all the training ideas esp for huskies. I have a friend who recently got one.

  8. I’m going to recommend the Stainmaster to my friend who owns a dog, although his isn’t a husky, I think it will still work for his apartment. Your dog is so cute!


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