Better for You Caramel Apples

Over the past couple of months I’ve been trying to make smarter snack choices. I know I’m a grazer when it comes to food and although I don’t eat big meals, too much picking at high calorie snacks throughout the day is easy to exceed a normal consumption of calories. Because I know I like to snack throughout the day, I’m more prepared with choices like these better for you caramel apples. Since starting the Jenny Craig wellness program earlier this year I’ve been logging my daily calories and it’s surprising to see how much you are eating when you’re mindlessly snacking. This yummy snack fits into my intentional meal plan and only takes a minute to prepare!

better for you caramel apples recipe

Better for you caramel apples


  • Dannon Light & Fit® Greek Yogurt Salted Caramel
  • apple

Better for You Caramel Apple ingredients

Core and slice your apple.

better for you caramel apples sliced

Place the yogurt in a frosting piping bag.

Piping bag tip: Use a plastic baggie and snip the corner end if you don’t have piping bags and frosting tips.

better for you caramel apples yogurt

Cover your apple in the salted caramel yogurt on a plate.

better for you caramel apple snack plate


better for you caramel apples plate

Do you have quick tricks to create better for you options of your favorite snacks?

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