10 Reasons to Love the Kia Sedona

We travel to Southern California frequently and usually make the six hour drive from Arizona in our own car. We recently spent a week in Carlsbad and work time constraints had us flying instead of making the usual drive. While it was the baby’s first time flying, we were more concerned about finding a vehicle comfortable for our family during the week. Knowing we would be doing quite a bit of driving, we turned to DriveShop for suggestions. At the time we owned a large SUV. Our request was simple – find us a vehicle loaded with everything we need to keep our six year old daughter entertained for long rides in the car and comfortable space for the entire family. I realize a six year old, a baby, plenty of luggage, and two exhausted parents might not have been the easiest combination to accommodate. The experts at DriveShop provided us with a 2015 Kia Sedona Limited loaded with all the essentials for a busy family. Not only did we love it for the week, we came home and traded in our SUV for a new 2015 Kia Sedona. A month later, we couldn’t be happier with the new van purchase. Having the opportunity to essentially test drive the van for a week before making the purchase was amazing. It really showed us all the reasons we should make the trade. We have plenty of reasons but our top 10 reasons to love the Kia Sedona just might make you head to the nearest dealership too.


 I’m a mom. A busy mom. A busy mom with a busy family. The Kia Sedona is the perfect van for us.

10 Reasons to Love the Kia Sedona

1) Design

It’s just so pretty. Never owning a mini van and not quite justifying the purchase with just two children, the Kia Sedona fully changed my perspective. The sleek design feels more like a larger SUV than an actual van.


2) Rear cargo space

As a family we have yet to go on a vacation with less than 5 large bags and a stroller. The Kia Sedona handles our luggage with plenty of room. Easily fold down the third row seating for even more cargo space.


3) Leg room

Plenty of leg room! I’m the mom that’s usually crammed in the front seat moved as far forward as possible because behind me is full of luggage and kids. Not anymore. The Kia Sedona offers plenty of leg room for everyone.


4) Easy movable seats

With so many different seat configurations, you can do anything and everything in this van. The third row folds down for more rear cargo space. The two captain seats move front to back and side to side in the Limited model. They have an extendable leg rest that makes you feel like you’re riding in first class! Other models feature second row bench seating.


 5) Kid friendly sun shades

Sure all vans have sun shades. But do they have sun shades your six year old child can easily move up and down themselves? The Kia Sedona does! Happy kid, happy vacation.


6) Surround view monitor

The all surround camera makes it impossible to bump into anything as you park. You can also see the lines on the ground as well as directly overhead for a perfect view of the front of the van. This feature is by far the best and something I never imagined being on my vehicle wish list. It’s also one of the few features I’m including that are only available in the Limited model.  


7) Parking assist with front and rear sensors 

Also, only available in the Limited model, this feature is fantastic. A car that beeps at you when you are close to objects is neat but a car that beeps at you and shows you where you are close to objects takes it to another level. The DriveShop Sedona did have the surround view monitor but the van we purchased does not. We do however, have the optional parking assist and love the feature.


8) Conversation mirror

Don’t let the title fool you. Sure, it’s great for conversation without turning your head to see the children in the backseats, but it’s also great for taking a peek at why your kiddos are so quiet. Odds are they are happily enjoying the new family van!


9) You won’t miss your last vehicle

I firmly believed I would never want to trade in my last vehicle. It was everything I thought I wanted and needed until I met the Kia Sedona. Bye bye Mercedes family, we have moved on to the Kia Sedona. You’ll take that one last photo and happily move on too.


10) Disneyland map icon

The voice command navigation, large display, and traffic routing information is better than you can imagine. But the most fun feature of the navigation system is the Disneyland castle icon when you get close to your favorite vacation destination. Our oldest daughter loved this!


A few more things you’ll love about the Kia Sedona:

  • heated and ventilated seats, optional heated second row seats
  • dual sliding doors – our childhood van had one door and it wasn’t convenient with three children fighting over who was getting out of the car first!
  • two power sunroofs
  • USB charger ports AND 12-volt power outlets – hello to multitasking working moms, you can charge your laptop on long road trips!
  • UVO eServices infotainment – the most awesome connection to your smart phone you’ll ever know in a car! You can preload your vacation destinations, remind yourself where you parked, and even monitor other drivers (your children!) by setting curfews and boundaries.
  • 12 cup holders

A new car is a big purchase and one we are not intending to make this year until we experienced the luxury of the Kia Sedona. Now we’re planning all the road trips we can possibly fit into our busy family schedule to spend more time in the car.


Which Kia Sedona feature will your family love most? 

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Our loaner vehicle was complimentary from DriveShop but our decision to purchase a new Kia Sedona from Horne Kia was our own.

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