Mechanical Pencil Classroom Valentines

Mechanical Pencil Classroom Valentines

Last year My daughter asked for new mechanical pencils almost daily. We couldn’t figure out where all her pencils were ending up until she shared she has been giving them to friends at school. Apparently all of her classmates were obsessed with mechanical pencils too. The mechanical pencil valentines were perfect to hand out to her friends during their Valentine’s Day classroom party. Print my free printable and pick up a $5 bag of mechanical pencils to make easy candy free valentines your child’s classmates will love.

Mechanical pencil valentines are perfect for a candy free Valentine's Day classroom party. Print my free printable and pick up a $5 bag of pencils!

Mechanical Pencil Valentines


mechanical pencil valentines supplies

Print the printable mechanical pencil valentine on letter size cardstock. Use a paper cutter to cut the print into thirds with each valentine measuring 3.66″ width.

mechanical pencil valentines cut print

Use washi tape to secure one mechanical pencil to each valentine.  

mechanical pencil valentine

To personalize your child can sign their name on the back or bottom corner of the valentines. The mechanical pencil valentines are great for a treat free classroom party and your child’s classmates will be excited about a new pencil they don’t have to walk up to the sharpener.

classroom mechanical pencil valentines

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17 thoughts on “Mechanical Pencil Classroom Valentines”

  1. Such a great idea. It’s nice to get a Valentine that doesn’t always have sweets attached. I remember loving pencils and erasers as a kid.

  2. I absolutely love these! It doesn’t have to be expensive or overly complicated to make an original valentine. My kids would love to give these out.


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