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As much as I try to plan, Valentine’s Day always sneaks right up on me and leaves my family rushing to complete party treats, classroom valentines, and teacher gifts. Last year my daughter changed her mind multiple times before finally deciding on bouncy ball valentines THE DAY BEFORE HER CLASSROOM PARTY. Perhaps that is why we also only took one photo of the completed craft. She was very happy with bag toppers I made and helped her personalize. If you’re in a crunch this week to, use this free printable to save the day!



  • Free printable bouncy ball valentine printed on your home printer (sized perfectly to fit 8 1/2″ x 11″ letter paper)
  • paper cutter or scissors
  • stapler
  • treat bags – about half the width of a traditional plastic baggie also used for baked goods (enough for each classmate) 
  • bouncy balls
  • rhinestone stickers (optional)


1) Fill each treat bag with one bouncy ball.

2) Cut Printable Treat Bag Tag paper in half (length) then cut in half again (width). Fold each piece in half to create four individual bag toppers.

3) Have your child sign their name and embellish with rhinestone stickers.

4) Staple toppers to top of bags. 


If you still need a gift for your child’s teacher, make her a “smart cookie” valentine with my free valentine for your teacher printable! paired with cookie butter or a plate of cookies 

one smart cookie teacher valentine supplies

Do you wait until the last minute to work on your child’s classroom valentines like me?

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