Easy Ways to Serve Game Day Snacks

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Easy Ways to Serve Game Day Snacks

For me Game Day has always been all about the food. I truly appreciate all the thought put into a great Game Day spread and love it even more when snacks are served creatively for the festive event. Hosting a Game Day party in my home, regardless of the guest list, means there’s always someone that shows up solely for the food. Like the past several years, popchips is the addition to the Game Day snacks table everyone looks forward to. This year it’s all about the bold and crunchy popchips ridges – buffalo ranch, tangy barbecue and cheddar & sour cream. There’s a flavor for everyone to love and it makes me smile knowing we are satisfying crunch without deep friend chips. Instead we are choosing a better for you option with no trans fat, cholesterol or preservatives.

There’s nothing artificial in popchips and I definitely appreciate the 130 calories or less per serving. The Big Game is all about the food for me and it’s easy to get carried away over indulging on all those tasty dishes friends bring to the party. Like last year our neighbors are hosting a block party for Game Day and I’m looking forward to browsing the potluck table. With so many different dips, popchips will be an easy addition to my plate so I can try them all. Now we just need to decide how we’ll share. Check out these easy options to serve Game Day food. 

Easy Ways to Serve Game Day Snacks


When it’s the right snack it doesn’t matter how you serve it so popchips in a bowl makes perfect sense. With several different flavor varieties on the table, put out several bowls full of the gluten-free snack.

Popcorn holders

Paper bags or boxes traditionally meant for popcorn make perfect Game Day snack holders. Bonus if you purchase or print them at home with scalloped edges and a football on the front. 

DIY Big Game Snack Bags

If you’re feeling extra festive or have a few minutes to spare before the game, make these easy DIY Big Game Snack Bags. The snack bags are made with paper lunch bags and a chalk marker – the easiest way to quickly elevate your Game Days snacks serving options.

Paper Cups

Easily the most favored in our home, use paper cups for Game Day snacks. They are great for snacks like popchips and guests can carry them as they mingle or move seats for a better view of the game.

Popchips Buffalo Ranch Ridges are my most favorite of the three options because they have all the flavor of buffalo wing wings but none of the mess. They’re a great snack to swap for messy wings in your snack spread to help avoid all those calories you might regret later.

If you’re already a fan of popchips ridges, you might have already noticed the new ridges packaging. It came just in time for the Big Game and highlights the bigger cruch and bolder flavor of ridges compared to traditional popchips. Find popchips at your local grocer or order online from Amazon.

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Game Day is all about the food and how it's served. Check out these easy ways to serve Game Day snacks to quickly elevate your snack table.


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  2. Game days can be so terrific but full of eating while having fun! I prefer having paper cups and snack bags. They are cheaper to purchase and you can get rid of them afterwards instead of super washing them!


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