Tools for Empowering Change: Danielle, Chronicles of a Superheroine Book

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Tools for Empowering Change

Our oldest daughter is only nine years old and really just recently developed a love for reading in the last couple of years. She went through some time where it was a parenting hardship to get her to sit and read. We were concerned until we realized the challenge was not that she couldn’t or didn’t enjoy reading. The challenge was we weren’t navigating her literary preferences appropriately. Once she found stories and characters she loved, she started reading at an impressive speed and grade level. Currently it’s rare to find her without a book. Last week I shared how to teach children their voice matters and our daughter was in the process of reading Danielle, Chronicles of a Superheroine. I’ve enjoyed seeing her appreciate the messaging in this book as a tool for her peers to be inspired because she already considers herself an ambassador for change. She recognizes her young voice is powerful and can really relate to the main character, Danielle.

The Danielle, Chronicles of a Superherioine book is an inspiration to our future generation of though leaders and game changers.

Anyone can change the world. Teach your kids that you don’t have to be an adult to change the world.

Danielle, Chronicles of a Superheroine Book

The book isn’t officially available for delivery until January 2019, but we received an advance copy for an early look. The big book looked intimidating to hand off to my nine year old daughter but she was excited for the challenge, another indication this book is absolutely appropriate for her. Each chapter chronicles the full year of Danielle by age then the last half of the book shares specific guides for how to be a “Danielle,” essentially a game changer for the future. My daughter was very enthusiastic to get through the early chapters in the book because she was so excited to learn about Danielle’s younger years as identify how they were similar. Beginning with “Age Zero and One: Maybe She’s Different,” my daughter proclaimed that like Danielle, we identified early that she was different too. She also very much related to the perspective from Claire, Danielle’s older sister, because my daughter is also a big sister. By the time she read to “Age Nine: Be Kind. Be Smart,” she had already decided she had the early framework to make a huge impact in the world too. 

The Danielle, Chronicles of a Superherioine book chronicles the main characters life in chapters by age then provides a guide to help your child feel empowered for change too.

The “How you can be a Danielle,” guides at the end of the book were excellent for my daughter to read but equally great for me as her mom. The very mature concepts like how you can help cure cancer, promoting world health and helping eradicate female genital mutilation are not topics I would previously empower my nine year old daughter to explore. This book pushed me to realize the power of a young voice too. Some of the topics she is already pretty familiar with like how to start your own business but that’s because of her experience contributing content as the SeaWorld Kid Blogger. She understands the importance of developing branding and am image. She also understands how your behavior, how you present yourself and the decisions she makes always matter. We are firm believers in doing what makes you most comfortable but she also knows the importance of presenting yourself appropriately in different scenarios. Danielle, Chronicles of a Superheroine is more than just an interesting novel, it’s one to help young voices feel empowered and teach parents and caregivers how to make sure their children recognize that their potential is limitless and to pursue their passions.

The Danielle, Chronicles of a Superherioine book is a guide for children to feel empowered to make change and helpful for parents to recognize their child's true potential.

Inspire to dream big. Teach your children to never let fear get in the way of following their dreams. Order your copy of Danielle, Chronicles of a Superheroine for January 2019 delivery.

Pre-order your copy of Danielle, Chronicles of a Superherioine for January 2019 delivery.

How do you teach your children to dream big and to never let fear get in the way of accomplishing their dreams?

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Danielle, Chronicles of a Superherioine book is a great tool to empowering change and teaching your child their potential has no limits.

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  1. My youngest daughter used to love to read, but this year, 7th grade homework and schoolwork load is getting in the way ☺ I love books that are always promoting positivism, especially for our young daughters these days.


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