Kids Craft – Colored Macaroni

I spend a lot of time at home crafting with my four year old daughter.  Some of our most favorite projects start with household items and require no special trips to the store.  We use food dye to color macaroni noodles almost weekly.  We started coloring macaroni when my daughter was just learning colors several years ago.  Now she really enjoys mixing the colors to create her favorite shades.

Kids Craft Colored Macaroni

You can use any shape or size noodles.  The noodles are great for many different kids crafts.

All of the supplies to color macaroni can probably be found in your pantry.


  • dry noodles
  • vanilla
  • food dye
  • plastic baggie (not pictured) 

Kids Craft Colored Macaroni

Mix one tablespoon vanilla and a small amount of food coloring in the plastic bag.  I add the ingredients, close the top of the bag, and let my daughter squish the bag until the dye and vanilla are mixed together.  Then add one cup of dry noodles to the bag, close, and shake until all of the noodles are completely colored.  You may need to add more vanilla and food coloring depending on the amount of noodles you are attempting to color.  Empty your bag of colored noodles onto a foil lined baking sheet to dry. 

Kids Craft Colored Macaroni

Allow the noodles to completely dry.  Now you are ready to turn your noodles into something fun!  My daughter loves making jewelry with our colored macaroni. 

Kids Craft Colored Macaroni

What are you planning to make with your colored macaroni?

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