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Looking at the past 10 years it’s easy to see how much my weight has fluctuated. I’ve gained and lost about 40 pounds more than 5 times. And as you would expect, every time I lose I swear I won’t gain it back. But I do. I always do. I love food. A LOT. I have done many quick diets over the years resulting in weight loss but doing nothing for my ability to keep the weight off after achieving my goal. I can list many reasons why I struggle maintaining my weight but this year, I’m actually doing something about it. My most used excuse for making poor food choices is my busy lifestyle. While I do work from home, I am frequently out of the house attending work related events or activities with my children and family. With the help of Jenny Craig, I’ve realized I’m a grazer and although I only eat small amounts while I’m out, obviously many small amounts of high calorie snacks does not equal a balanced diet. Unlike the many times I’ve achieved my goal weight, Jenny Craig is a clinically proven and recommended weight-loss program designed to provide structure and support to help members lose weight and learn how to keep it off. The program takes a holistic approach to weight loss and weight management, focusing on food, body and mind. I’ve been on the program for a couple of weeks and already have made great changes in my perception of food. I can still love food and feel good about what I’m eating. An on the go wellness plan is exactly what I needed to help start this journey.

Jenny Craig on the go wellness

Every day my TimeHop pops up with great memories. Weddings, celebrations, milestones with my children, and a 40 pound weight variance. It’s so easy to forget how committed you are to a diet once you turn back to your old habits. Portion control, better for you food choices and exercise – doesn’t sound hard. But the commitment needs to be longer than the duration of your diet. Unless you change how you feel about your body and food it’s impossible to maintain your progress. I am a walking example of this. Fad diets are not the solution. This year I’m skipping the fads and gimmicky diets to experience real results with Jenny Craig.

Jenny Craig weight loss

Before committing to the meal plan, I made sure the food was something I could enjoy. I know me and my experiences with diets. If I’m not eating food that tastes good, it feels hard. With over 100 menu items created by 40 personal chefs, Jenny Craig feels easy. 

Jenny Craig Sunshine Sandwich breakfast

Each week I visit my local Jenny Craig center and meet with my personal consultant. We talk about my weekly successes, challenges and the plan for the week ahead. My consultant provides me with a menu to follow and all my grocery items for the week. It truly could not be easier. Just one twenty minute appointment each week and my meal plan is complete. You add your own fruits & veggies, dairy products like milk and yogurt, and simple fats like nuts. There’s also a list of “free” items you can eat throughout the day if you’re feeling hungry or your dietary needs require. For members that don’t live near a center, one-on-one support is provided through consultations over the phone or via video chat.

Jenny Craig experience

Your mornings begin with a balanced breakfast like a Sunshine Sandwich, fruit and Jenny Craig shake. 

Jenny Craig Sunshine Sandwich
Jenny Craig Sunshine Sandwich and Shake

After a mid morning snack, lunch is paired with a side salad of your choice. Jenny Craig has a great selection of salad dressings and I’ve been alternating between leafy greans and spinach with mixed veggies like cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. Every food I usually miss while trying to lose weight is included in this plan. Pasta, bacon, cheese and bread are foods I surely appreciate.

Jenny Craig Chicken Carbonara
Jenny Craig Chicken Carbonara

An afternoon snack, dinner and evening snack or dessert completes the day. 

Jenny Craig Triple Chocolate Cheesecake
Jenny Craig Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

The hot meals are very flavorful and don’t make me feel restricted. But, remember my top excuse for not being able to stick to a plan? Each week my consultant and I talk about how to approach the days I know I’ll be away from home. The plan makes it simple to take my meal and snack choices with me on the go. A road trip doesn’t mean I’m stopping for fast food at lunchtime. Instead I simply pack my meals and snacks to go with me.

Jenny Craig on the go
Jenny Craig Cheese Curls and Chicken Cranberry Salad Kit

Jenny Craig members can expect to lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week, which is a healthy range of weight loss. I’ve recognized although I want to be losing weight fast, it’s not healthy for my body to go up and down so quickly. I’ll be sharing my progress next month and look forward to reaching my 2017 goals!

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Jenny Craig day 1

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    • Meeting with them weekly for a one-on-one consultation has been great. I really am not a fan of a big group setting because sometimes you don’t get that focused attention you need for a successful week. The food is yummy!


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