10 must try experiences at Out of Africa Wildlife Park

We’ve been visiting the Out of Africa Wildlife Park for many years and have seen it grow with rescued animals and employees passionate about education and conservation. Just last week, the same day our family visited the park, I read about Li:bi the orphaned mountain lion being cared for by the park. Visiting means we are helping support the rescued animals too. The park receives no municipal, state, or federal funding so your visit is a direct contribution to helping maintain the safe environments and providing love, care and enrichment for the animals. Lions, tigers, bears, oh my….our favorite 10 must try experiences at Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde, Arizona will teach you about the animals while creating amazing family memories.

10 must try experiences at Out of Africa Wildlife Park

10 must try experiences at Out of Africa Wildlife Park 

1) Take a picture with Boom Boom the Rhino

Boom Boom was purchased to live at a hunting ranch until Out of Africa came to his rescue offering a permanent home where he could happily spend his life. The white rhino passed away at the age of 41 in 2012. A life-sized statue was created in memory of Boom Boom and the impact he made on everyone he encountered.

Out of Africa Wildlife park Boom Boom Rhino

2) Get a giraffe kiss

The African Bush Safari is included with your admission and provides the opportunity to see many animals like buffalo, giraffes, zebra and more. The educational safari includes a guide to share fun facts and information about each of the animals encountered. Each guest is provided a treat to share with the giraffes. You can choose to feed the giraffe with your hand or, if you’re brave, hold it with your teeth for a giraffe kiss!

Out of Africa Wildpark giraffe kiss

3) Ride the Kalahari Express Train

For an additional fee, you can learn more about the animals on the narrated Kalahari Express Train.

Out of Africa Wildlife Park Kalahari Express Train Ride

4) Get in the snake bubble 

While the snake isn’t actually in the bubble with you, it sure feels like it! Visit Reptile Resort to see a diverse collection of reptiles including snakes and lizards. Stand inside the snake bubble for a closer view of the giant snakes. 

Out of Africa Wildlife Park Snake Bubble

5) Feed the prairie dogs

Spend time visiting Prairie Dog Digs and toss the prairie dogs a treat. Bring quarters to purchase a handful of treats for the curious animals.

Out of Africa Wildlife Park prairie dogs

6) Watch Tiger Splash

Tiger Splash is an opportunity to see tigers engaging with their caretakers and toys in a pool. The predator and play relationship provides a great look at how tigers stalk their pray during an entertaining show included with your park admission. 

Out of Africa Wildlife Park Tiger Splash

7) Volunteer at the Giant Snake Show

With giant snakes comfortable being held by park guests, the Giant Snake Show is a great interactive learning opportunity. Our oldest daughter quickly raised her hand when the audience was asked for volunteers. She was selected as the group leader and loved the time she spent with the snake.  

Out of Africa Wildpark snake show volunteer

Baby sister was asked to help hold the snake too but she preferred to watch in amazement from below instead. 

Out of Africa Wildpark baby and snake

8) Walk the park

The park is over 150 acres with animals throughout. Out of Africa Wildlife Park provides shuttles with various stops but if you’re up for a walk, enjoy the park on foot taking in the amazing sites. You’ll be surprised by what you might find along the way. Every time we have visited the park we’ve seen different animal behaviors and learned new facts.

Out of Africa Wildlife Park walk Out of Africa Wildpark lion

9) Play! 

The many play areas around the Out of Africa Wildlife Park offers a fun and safe place for younger children to run, jump and slide. Baby sister loved the slides!

Out of Africa Wildlife Park play

10. Ask questions 

Dean Harrison, park founder, is seen onsite to facilitate shows and teach about the animals in his care. He, along with every employee at the park, enjoys answering questions and talking to guests. 

Education is the gateway to awareness. The more we learn, the more we appreciate and understand the creatures of the world and the importance of having them in our future. That’s why Out of Africa Wildlife Park is all about education! 

 Check out the teacher’s corner and online fun zone for learning opportunities outside of a park visit.

Out of Africa Wildpark ask questions

With so many more amazing experiences at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park, we are looking forward to another family visit soon! The sloth encounter and ziplining is next on our list of must try experiences. 

The park is located about an hour between Phoenix and Flagstaff. We have visited the park in the spring, fall and winter – all with wonderful weather. Be sure to check the weather the day of your visit. The park has several areas to purchase snacks, meals and drinks. 

What is your favorite thing to do at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park?

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