Hey #LuvSoFab14, I’m ready for #SoFabCon14!

Part of being in so many blogging communities is getting invited to conferences. With hundreds of options I could literally spend all year running from one conference to the next. With a daytime job teaching in a classroom and being a full time mommy and wife at home it’s unrealistic to believe I can do it all. This year instead of jumping on board with every fun opportunity sent my way, I took a step back to only commit to conferences and opportunities that guaranteed learning opportunities and covered my interests. I’m in the first month of the year and already am struggling at my new “you have to say no more than yes” motto to fun. Having had the best conference experience last year at SoFabCon, attending this year is definitely on my list. Let’s see if I fit the requirements for #SoFabCon14.

#luvsofab14, SoFabCon attendee requirements

Cheetah print cut offs? Check. Nean hot pink tights? check.

hot pink neon tights and cheetah print cut offs for SoFabCon13

Awesome teased and crimped Demi Moore 80’s hair? Check.

teased and crimped hair for SoFabCon13

Fishnet gloves? Check.

Put it all together and I’m fairly certain I’ve met all the requirements and should be hopping on a plane to Arkansas later this year. 

Brie Brie Blooms at SoFabCon13's 80's night

Now that I fit all the necessary requirements, the question is how I plan to get to the conference. Like last year, Collective Bias is giving away six full all expense trips to SoFabCon. Count me in (crossing my fishnet gloved fingers and hoping my wishes are granted)!

Last year I wasn’t sure what to expect when I attended SoFabCon. The Social Fabric community online was so nice. The members were engaging and had quickly turned into some of my favorite blogging friends. The community managers and campaign leaders were very encouraging, always offered support, and seemed eager to help me grow. Could this community really be as warm in real life as it felt online? I was determined to find out. SoFabCon confirmed all my hopes. Of course I wanted to continue learning and growing with our community full of smart and creative bloggers but going to SoFabCon last year helped me put my personal goals in perspective too. I learned so much about blog related topics while realizing where to focus. Feeling completely empowered and full of potential I came home from the conference knowing I would continue to grow with Social Fabric. I love our community and everyone that plays a part in making it amazing everyday. I might not feel the same enthusiasm for this blog with out all I’ve learned through Social Fabric. 

#luvsofab14, calling all bloggers to SoFabCon 2014

Have a blog? Check.

Enthusiastic to meet our amazing Social Fabric community members and Collective Bias team? Check.

Ready for an unbelievably awesome opportunity to learn from some really super smart and creative friends? Check.

Attending #SoFabCon14 is not an option for me, it’s necessary.  Lets just hope the #LuvSoFab14 contest will make that happen.

Learn more about SoFabCon and how it could make you feel like Wonder Woman too.

All jokes aside, the photos in this post are from last year’s SoFabCon 80’s Night. And yes, it really was that awesome.

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