SoFabCon 80’s Night

I had an amazing time attending SoFabCon, the Collective Bias Social Fabric conference, in Arkansas a couple of weeks ago.  Although there were so many great sessions and learning opportunities, one of my favorite events of the conference was the 80’s night.  The only thing I would have done differently is bring along a camera.  All the photos shared here are from a smart phone. 

SoFabCon 80's night (3)I love dressing up in costume.  Especially when I get the opportunity to pull out an old hair crimper.  I couldn’t wait to use the same crimper my friends and I used playing dress up at slumber parties when we were little girls.  I went to Pinterest for ideas and found a few perfect hairstyles.  Add some cut off cheetah print shorts and my outfit was almost complete.  

SoFabCon 80's night (5)

My roommate, Sara of Clever Pink Pirate, and I were laughing together the entire time we were getting ready for the party.  Side ponytails, crimped hair, bright makeup, and neon jewelry completed our 80’s look. 

SoFabCon 80's night (4)

Bowling, laser tag, and go karts made this a perfect night.  Some of my favorite pictures were taken by Wendy of Choosing Love on her phone.

SoFabCon 80's night

By the time we made it back to our hotel room, Sara and I were exhausted from all the fun.  I fully planned on showering to wash my hair and rinse out all the hairspray. Instead I just climbed into my comfy bed and went to sleep.

SoFabCon 80's night (2)

It will be tough to top the awesome 80’s night.  I’m already anxious to hear about the SoFabCon 2014 agenda!

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    • Thanks Mimi! All the accessories for my outfit were straight out of my four year old daughter’s dress up clothes trunk.


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