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It’s true, my instagram feed is filled with more sweets than healthy snacks lately. At almost eight months pregnant I am still not that excited by food…unless it’s chocolate or something super sugary. I’ve done my best to make healthier choices and avoid the sugary snacks and in doing that have turned to fruit and smoothies because I just can’t seem to beat this pregnancy sweet tooth. I created a collection of healthy pregnancy smoothies and juices recipes on Foodie to help me avoid unhealthy snacks when I’m craving something sweet. healthy-pregnancy-smoothie-recipes My favorite morning smoothie has just a few ingredients: spinach, banana, frozen pineapple, and frozen blueberries. 

But I’ve had that same smoothie so many times my tastebuds are getting bored. Hopefully with a collection of smoothie recipes on hand, I will continue starting my day with a healthy serving of fruits and veggies.

Sometimes if I’m in a rush, I’ll turn to a juice blend instead of a smoothie. Less than a minute later I’m drinking something yummy and usually have forgotten all about the sugar I was craving. My tropical refresher has gotten me through many afternoons lately.


Do you have any favorite healthy pregnancy smoothie recipes that help you avoid unhealthy sugar?

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Disclosure: This “healthy pregnancy smoothies and juices” recipe collection is part of a sponsored post by Foodie. I personally selected each recipe to be added to the collection. All opinions and ideas are entirely my own.

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  1. Just wanted to remind all of the pregnant mommies do not ingest too many carbs too early in the morning as this can trigger gestational diabetes. We typically think that most of our carbs should come in the morning so we can have the energy to burn them off throughout the day. When you’re pregnant your calories need to be evenly spread. Enjoy all of these yummy smoothie recipes but in moderation!


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