Conversation Hearts Valentine Vase, pretty flowers from The Bouqs

I am a Bouqs ambassador and have received complimentary flowers in exchange for sharing information and my opinion about their product. Some links in this post are affiliate links.

Growing up my dad always made sure Valentine’s Day was special for both my mom and I. Waking up to chocolate and flowers made the holiday something I looked forward to each year. My daughter is just six years old and already knows Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the ones you love. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I was happy to learn about the Bouqs (affiliate link), the most convenient way to order flowers online and actually receive exactly what you saw in the pretty picture when you selected your purchase. In addition to pretty flowers, my daughter and I both share a love for candy conversation hearts. Displaying her pretty Valentine’s Day flowers in a conservation hearts valentine vase made them even more special this year.


The Bouqs flowers are cut the day you order ensuring they arrive to you as fresh as possible. With two different flower origins, California and South America, there are many different unique flower options. For Valentine’s Day I chose to send my daughter the killer roses, a dozen beautiful hot pink roses. I knew she would love receiving the flowers addressed to her with a special love day note included from her mommy and daddy. Most flowers from The Bouqs cost $40 with shipping included. What you see is what you get, it truly couldn’t be easier.


Less than a week later, my daughter received her special package at our door. She couldn’t wait to open the flowers! The Bouqs advertises their flowers from the volcano collection as coming from a volcano in South America. I smiled when I noticed the custom clearance sticker on the box…they really do come straight from a foreign volcano side. 


My daughter wanted to display the flowers in a pretty vase so we used our favorite Valentine’s Day candy to make a conservation hearts valentine vase. 

Conservation hearts valentine vase tutorial


  • two vases, one larger and shorter than the other
  • candy conversation hearts
  • pretty flowers like our “killer” roses from the Bouqs (affiliate link)


Place the tall skinny vase inside the center of the larger and shorter vase. Fill the gap between the vases with candy conversation hearts.


Remove the leaves from the flower stems and place in the tall skinny vase with water.   


Bad experiences ordering flowers online are pretty common; I know I’ve cringed a few times at flowers delivered to me knowing it wasn’t the quality my husband paid for. The Bouqs has changed the way we order flowers online and with their “Happiness Guarantee” everyone can receive exactly what they want. You can even update your events calendar and have flowers sent to friends and family automatically to avoid that awkward belated phone call and card.

Do you have a special little girl that would love receiving hot pink flowers for Valentine’s Day too? 

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