Tropical Refresher, begin your day with the benefits of almond milk


We easily could go through several gallons of dairy milk a day in our house. My daughter loves milk and happily drinks it with each snack and meal. We are very fortunate to not have any dairy allergies causing us to avoid milk but drinking too much gives my daughter a tummy ache and she is consuming unnecessary calories and fat. With out forcing her to completely reduce her milk consumption, I made an easy switch to alternating her favorite drink with Silk Almondmilk. She is happy with the taste and I’m a happy mom because she is getting the benefits of almond milk. Having our refrigerator stocked with almond milk means our entire family is slowly replacing our excessive dairy consumption for a more balanced diet.


While my daughter has been enjoying almond milk with snacks, I’ve found it to be the perfect quick breakfast. As a busy mom always on the go, it’s easy to leave the house with out a morning meal but a banana and the benefits of almond milk are a great quick start to a busy day. Our family began the transition to almond milk with Silk’s original Almondmilk but I’ve started exploring other blends to add some variety to our meals and my daughter’s snacks.


I replaced my quick breakfast of Silk’s original Almondmilk and a banana with the new Almond Coconut Blend and tropical fruit. The combination reminds me of our honeymoon in Hawaii and the couple of times we have been back to visit. I clearly recall the taste of freshly cut coconut and juicy pineapples in Hawaii. The fresh Silk Almond Coconut Blend Almondmilk paired with tropical fruit is a great way to clear my mind and start the morning thinking about some of our favorite vacation memories.


The chilled creamy almond milk is the perfect start to a warm summer day. Add a pineapple ring and a straw for a fun kid friendly tropical refresher.


Almond milk is tasty and gives my family great nutritional benefits too.

Benefits of almond milk

  • A plant based diet rich in nuts and fruits could reduce your risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes.
  • Silk milks have 50% more calcium than the standard dairy milk.
  • Unlike dairy milk, Silk milks have no cholesterol.
  • Silk Almondmilk has 25% fewer calories than skim dairy milk.
  • Comparitevely, Silk Almondmilk has less fat than dairy milk.
  • Drinking almond milk is good for the planet too! It takes four times more water to produce one half gallon of cow’s milk than it does to produce one half gallon of Silk Almondmilk.

And did I mention it’s delicious?


If you’re trying to incorporate additional fiber and protein, the new Silk Almondmilk Protein + Fiber is an excellent addition to your daily diet. With absolutely no cholesterol or saturated fat, it’s the perfect way to make sure you’re getting the healthy benefits of protein and fiber with out the additional unwanted fat content.


The #SilkAlmondBlends for this #CollectiveBias sponsored post were purchased at Safeway.

silk-almondmilk-at-safewayWhich Silk Almondmilk is your favorite?

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  1. Woah…this sounds absolutely delicious! It’s hot here today and I could totally go for an almond milk smoothie! #client


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