Have a Safe and Comfortable Halloween with Stride Rite Light Up Shoes

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For Halloween this year my family will be dressing up as Disney mummies. My four year old daughter is very excited to go trick or treating with her best neighbor friend. Of course the mommies will be tagging along but at just four years old she is completely sure they can handle the night with out us. I will easily be able to spot my daughter in a crowd of children in costume because she will be wearing Stride Rite shoes.

Have a Safe and Comfortable Halloween with Stride Rite Light Up Shoes #sponsored

My daughter has had wide feet from the time she was a baby. I was frustrated as a new mom with a cute baby I couldn’t dress up in frilly shoes. That’s until I discovered Stride Rite. Most of their shoes came in wide sizes and my daughter’s chubby little feet fit into them perfectly. Her first steps were taken in Stride Rite shoes and she’s been wearing them ever since.

My husband and I have taken our daughter out every year to trick or treat. Last year was the first year she didn’t get pushed in a stroller. We pulled her and our little neighbor around the neighborhood in a wagon. This year my daughter and our neighbor will be walking. Comfortable shoes are definitely necessary to keep up with a big night of trick or treating. My daughter is very excited to wear her new Racer Lights™ by Stride Rite Starpower shoes with her Disney mummy costume. I am happy knowing I will easily be able to see my daughter if she is running ahead with a group of children. The new speed light sensor technology actually tracks footsteps and uses a step counter to change the sequence of lights on the sides of the shoes. The lights work in a chase sequence until fast feet start running and the lights change to a strobe. The shoes are great for everyday wear and I’m sure after Halloween my daughter will be racing all her friends in preschool to activate the strobe lights.

Racer Lights by Stride Rite Starpower Light Up Shoes #sponsored

When I made my daughter’s Disney mummy costume, I left extra fabric on the bottom of the pants to wrap around her shoes. The velcro strap on the top of the shoes perfectly held the fabric in place. 

Racer Lights by Stride Rite Starpower Light Up Shoes for Halloween Costume #sponsored

The shoes give her costume a great pop of color and the lights will make her easily seen when we are out after dark trick or treating. 

Disney Mummy Costume with Stride Rite Shoes #sponsored

The great selection of Stride Rite shoes makes it easy to complete your Halloween costume. The character shoes are perfect for themed costumes and the lights give your child extra visibility for night time Halloween fun.

Safety is a top priority on Halloween. In addition to making sure my daughter can be seen at night, we never let her go to a door alone. She is still young and we are with her every step of trick or treating but she prefers for us to wait on the sidewalk while she knocks on the doors to ask for candy. I’m happy to stay behind if I can clearly see her but if the door is not directly in front of the sidewalk, I go with her to knock. My daughter also gets very excited to see pets in costume on Halloween and I get nervous each time she runs over to pet a dog. With so many dogs in our neighborhood, a quick reminder that we always ask owners before petting is important before we go out on Halloween.

Do you do anything special to make sure you have a safe and comfortable Halloween?

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