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Given the opportunity, we will always say yes to travel in Southern California. The weather is beautiful, the ocean breeze is refreshing, and most of our very favorite family memories have been made there. Carlsbad holds a very special significance to our family because it’s the first destination my husband and I road tripped to while dating. Our six year old daughter calls it her favorite beach while I will always deem it my favorite lunch spot because of Fidel’s flautas. My husband loves the simple beach town vibe and now our youngest daughter gets to call it her first week long vacation spent away from home. While we are intimately familiar with the Carlsbad Inn Resort because of our many stays there and along with a handful of other hotel experiences nearby, staying at the Grand Pacific Palisades Resort recently was our first time at the family friendly location. Our friends at ResorTime invited our family to spend a few days at the resort recently. Our love for Carlsbad just grew with another fabulous resort to call a favorite. 

Grand Pacific Palisades Resort Carlsbad California coupon

We normally drive but because we were in the middle of a very busy October, we took the short hour flight to San Diego instead. Before visiting Carlbad we spent some time in Coronado and met the famous parrot who has resided there from the time the Coronado Beach Resort opened. 

Resortime Coronado Beach Resort

Then we visited our favorite beach in Carlsbad to see the rising waves. Normally the beach is very calm so my daughter was amazed to see the high waves caused by Hurricane Wilma. It was a great learning opportunity for her to see how weather across the world makes an impact through the ocean.

Grand Pacific Palisades Resort Beach Carlsbad

We checked into our two bedroom condo at the Grand Pacific Palisades and then explored the resort. Traveling with an infant feels easy with these accommodations. A full kitchen, large living room, dining room, and separate bedrooms made it quite comfortable for our family.

Grand Pacific Palisades Resort Carlsbad 2 bedroom

Although she sleeps in her crib all night at home, we weren’t sure if we should pack our own travel crib for the stay. Considering we were flying instead of driving we chose to leave it at home. The resort provided a full size crib and the baby didn’t seem to mind it was not her own. She slept well and woke up happy each morning.

Grand Pacific Palisades Resort Carlsbad crib

We have so many favorite local spots to visit in Carlsbad. But we also love how close the beach town is to our favorite amusement and theme parks. During this visit we went on many adventures including some time at SeaWorld. A highlight of the week was my daughter’s first time actually meeting Clyde, the star of all the sea lion shows at SeaWorld San Diego. As the SeaWorld guest kid blogger, she has had many amazing learning opportunities at the park. Meeting Clyde will forever be a favorite memory.

Grand Pacific Palisades Resort Carlsbad SeaWorld

We also drove the other direction to visit Disneyland multiple times.

Grand Pacific Palisades Resort Carlsbad Disneyland

Another first this week for us was visiting the Birch Aquarium. With many learning opportunities specific to the California coast, my daughter was amazed by the fish. The kelp forest educational talk and watching the scuba divers clean the tank were favorites activities of the day.

Grand Pacific Palisades Carlsbad Birch Aquarium

While we just didn’t have time to do it all, the resort has its own entrance to LEGOLAND! We definitely have it on our list of must see attractions during our next visit. With all this fun, it was great staying at the Grand Pacific Palisades Resort because dinner options were fantastic. We ordered room service more than once and had a wonderful dining experience at the onsite restaurant, the Karl Strauss Brewing Company.

Grand Pacific Palisades Resort dinner

When we weren’t at the beach, visiting our favorite tourist locations, or dining, we were playing at the pool. The kids area was great for our baby and our older daughter enjoyed splashing right along side her baby sister.

Grand Pacific Palisades Resort Carlsbad childrens water play

With ocean views like this, we would have loved to stay longer!

Grand Pacific Palisades Resort Carlsbad ocean view

While the Carlsbad Inn was our first favorite ResorTime location, we have found yet another reason to love the beach town. We just made arrangements to stay at the Grand Pacific Palisades Resort over spring break next year.

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Which attractions will you plan to see when you visit Carlsbad?

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  1. When we plan trips, I always have a hard time with options to accommodate our family of 5, but a condo like that would be perfect! I’ve never had the opportunity to travel to the west coast before and it has been on my list of family vacation spots. It looks gorgeous! We would definitely visit Disneyland and SeaWorld.


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